Partnership Enhancing Education and Cultural Essay

The university was officially granted university tutus on July 29, 1990 and the name “Nearness University’ was graciously given by His Majesty King Bumble Delayed. Nearness university has been emphasizing decentralization of education and equality of study opportunity for people in the lower north part of Thailand and other regional provinces. VISION Nearness university becomes a research-based university before 2017.

MISSION In pursuit of a ‘free from Ignorance society,’ the university has pledged to fulfill the following four key missions; well-qualified students, research excellence, a wide angle of academic services, and arts and culture conservation. 10:30 A. M- We arrive at the Submachine International airport. Then we take another 5 hours of travel from Bangkok to Photostatting through the Nearness University shuttle. 4:00 P. M -We reach our destination the Nearness University. Upon reaching the university we went to Proof. Dry.

Jinn Jonathan, President of Nearness University at the Office of the president to formally welcome us as a new student of the university. 8:00 P. M- We eat our dinner together with the officers Sang is the team leader of Student council. DAY 2- APRIL 29, 2013 of the student buddy. 9:00 A. M- We attend an orientation meeting with the president to officially introduce us to the school administrators. 12:00 AN- Lunch 1 to 4:00 P. M- We went to Nearness University Language Centre (NULL) to have some team building activities. And because of that activity we determine who becomes our that “BUDDY during our one stay here in Thailand.

My Buddy is Bell. 5:00 P. M- We went to night market together with our that buddies. 9:00 A. M- We went to Lotus Tests Extra, the nearest mall in Nearness University together with our buddies. 2:00 AN- Lunch 1 to 4:00 P. M- We attend a Thai Language class at Mini conference, 1st floor, SITCOMS Building. Our instructors are Ms. Appreciation Sneaking, Ms. Ratio Changing and Ms. Stinkpot Arkansas. 5:00 P. M- We went to the night market. DAY 4-MAY 1, 2013 9:00 A. M- Attend a Thai Music class at Music Training Lab, 7th floor, SITCOMS building. Our instructors are Assist. Proof. Coworker Management, Mr..

Siphon Lawn and Cassock. Proof. Prate Naked. We are being thought on how to play some that’s musical instrument. The musical instrument assigned to me is the flute. 2:00 AN- Lunch 1 to 4:00 P. M- Attend a Thai language class. DAY 5- MAY 2, 2013 9:00 A. M- Attend a Leadership for future career class held at SQ 2111, 2ND FLOOR, SQ building. Our instructor is Cassock. Proof. Dry. Preschooler Cave- Unarming (Vice President for General Affairs). She thought us the different between Leaders and BOSS. 12:00 AN- Lunch 1 to 4:00 P. M- Attend the class in Thai Dancing at the Cultural Performance Studio, Division of Student affairs.

Our instructor is Ms. Orangutan Chimp. She teach us some basic hand and feet movement in that’s folk dance. DAY 6- MAY 3, 2013 9:00 A. M- Attend the class in Finance and Organizing Business at Business, Economic and Communication (BECK) building . Our instructor is Mr.. William Stoat. He teach us some Business strategies and some Accounting techniques. 12:00 AN- Lunch 1 to 4:00 P. M- Thai language class

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Partnership Enhancing Education and Cultural Essay
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