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This assessment covers Outcomes 3 of HN Unit Managing People and Organisations (F84T 34). It is based on the case study of Scotia Airways. You should answer all of the following questions, providing individual responses for each one. As a guide, it is likely that a satisfactory response to a single question will be approximately 200-300 words in length, however there is no mandatory word count. You may include diagrams and/or tables in one or more of your responses. If you do so, a suitable accompanying explanation should be provided. . 0 Assess the main features of managerial work and explain/outline the main roles nd activities of managers within Scotia Airways. 1. 1 The Nature of Managerial Work According to McFarland, managing is a process by which responsible persons in an organisation combine resources to achieve given ends. It can also be defined as the effective use and co-ordination of resources such as capital, plant, materials and labour in order to achieve defined objectives with maximum efficiency. SQA 2013 P158) 1. 2 Roles Mintzberg 1. 2. 1 The informational roles These are roles that involve receiving, searching for, acquiring and disseminating information including monitor, disseminator and spokesperson. (SQA 2013 P161) . 0 Describe the value of two mechanisms that could be used to measure managerial performance and Justify how each could be used to assess managerial performance in Scotia Airways 3. Identify and explain a behavioural theory of leadership and highlight its applicability to Scotia Airways. 4. 0 Identify and explain either a contingency or transformational theory of leadership and highlight its applicability to Scotia Airways 5. 0 Given the planned expansion that Scotia have undertaken, analyse how theories of leadership could be used to improve how managers lead staff through this change. Pascal By pascalwithyou

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