His parents were George Patton and Ruth Wilson; he comes from a long line of military background. His father was the son of a civil war vet and his father was in many American wars before him. George Jr. had a lot of military blood running through him and it was just waiting to get out of him and be put in effect. He grew up on a farm in Pasedena. While on the farm he learned how to fish and hunt and how to become a survivalist. On the farm his father read to him what most normal kids would not even know about. The books he read to him were written by Shakespeare, Homer, and the Holy Bible.

He did not attend school until he was eleven years old. He could recite passages from books that college students were reading although this still did not cover the fact that he could not read. So he spent most of his time during middle school trying to catch up to the other kids in reading and mathematics these were his two worst subjects. In high school he started to catch up to his fellow class mates. He became popular with the other kids by playing sports. He was an exceptional football player and track star. He went to two colleges VMI and West Point.

He first went to VMI then he decided that he wanted the best so he transferred to West Point. While at West Point he was noticed for his amazing athletic ability he earned his letter there the famous Army A. He did this in football where in one game he broke both of his arms. He was also a good student in history and all of the war classes he took. He did not do so well in Mathematics and French for this reason they let him take another year to make up for his mistakes in these classes he took. So it took him five years to graduate from West Point.

After graduating from college he then went on to the Olympics to do the decathlon he did this thinking he was in excellent shape he soon found out that he was not in excellent shape. After he ran the long distance part of the race he collapsed right in front of the king and queen of Sweden. He finished fifth but he was up against some of the greatest athletes of the world such as the greatest athlete of all time Jim Thorpe who of course got first in all of the events he entered. After the Olympics he was inlisted in the army as a lituent.

When he was just starting out he was under Mcarthur who would also become one of the best generals during WWII. His first mission was with Mcarthur where they had to go down to Mexico and resolve a problem down there after the bandit Poncho Via. They were after him for the reason of killing sixteen Americans. While moving up through the ranks of the army every division he was in command of his men thought that he was a hard nose, but they respected him for that and that he would fight with them until the end or whatever it came down to. The point where we enter WWII.

He was sent over seas to deal with the Germans and his main weapon was his tanks. While there he proved that Germans line was not indestructible with only three tanks he broke through and wiped out the Germans because he caught them off hand and they were not prepared for the attack. He was also know for his style he had two six shooters on his side as part of his uniform. He was one of the best military mines that we have he was making strategies no one had ever seen before. He also had a talent to make his men get excited to go to war he got them pumped up to fight. His most famous fight was against the German General Romel.

This guys tank infantry was feared by every person in the war except Patton. He gave his most famous speech to the 304 tank division. His final marks after the war of people who got killed or injured or M. I. A. to the all of the Axis powers was Patton-136,865 the Axis powers-1,486,700. This one of the many reasons we consider Patton to be our greatest general. After the war while in Europe he got in a car accident and was parlyzed from the neack down they tried to get him to the states but there was a complication and he died and the last words out of his mouth were This is a hell of way for a solider to die..


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