People Issues In The Hospitality Industry Essay


Human Resource direction is really of import and this undertaking will discourse the people issues in the Hospitality sector and the function played by HRM to work out these issues. It will take into consideration of import factors such as Leadership, motive, Team edifice, Planning and employee battle which are about indistinguishable in any administration of same type such as all different cordial reception administrations. This study is about the function of HR and the people issues and challenges faced by the Langtry Manor hotel, Bournemouth ( UK ).

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People Issues In The Hospitality Industry Essay
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The Langtry Manor has its ain history. It was built in 1877 by Edward VII for his kept woman Lillie Langtry. For a little dress shop Hotel the Langtry Manor is the best in Bournemouth is the best. The Guardian newspaper has called the hotel ‘The best little house hotel in Bournemouth ‘ and over the old ages the Langtry manor has achieved a batch of awards and received many grasp.

Like all hotels even the Langtry manor has a lovely welcoming squad who are extremely skilled and have a good cognition in hospitality.The enlisting is done by a little HR squad with the counsel of The hotel Manager Mrs. Tara Howard. The enlisting and preparation of employees is been taken attention by the departmental caputs and they act as a nexus between HR direction and employees. This allows the HR to hold overall control and directors to hold control on their staff.

Human resource Management:

Using the right individual for the right occupation with right personality is whatA human resource managementA is ( Kavin Mahoney, 2009. ) Human Resource direction is one of the most of import sections in Hotels. Proper human resources direction can be the difference between a truly good run hotel and a ill one hotel. The human resources director can command all the work force in a hotel and can besides command all the procedures. It can besides assist work out the people issues which are increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. This proves that the Human resource direction is really of import in the cordial reception sector.

There are several different countries in which human resources direction is really of import. One of these countries is Recruitment and choice of new employees. The employees that are hired in a hotel can truly alter the quality of service and the full working ambiance in a hotel. This means it is really of import to engage people with good cognition about nutrient and drinks and other cordial reception factors and must be difficult working and dedicated towards work. It is the occupation of the human resources director to do certain that good people are chosen to work in the hotel. In many hotels we will happen employees who are non fond of working in the hotels and are working at that place merely because they can non happen any other occupation. There are really few people who are truly dedicated to work in the Hospitality sector and the the occupation of the Human resources direction is to happen those people.

Retention of employees is another job faced by the Human Resource direction in every hotels. Many people leave the occupation from the hotel because they want to work at that place merely for a limited period of clip. Other people are terminated due to bad moralss and hapless public presentation. However it the function of the HRM to continuously actuate the staff to remain longer and to execute better by supplying good preparation and inducement plans. Having internal publicities will decidedly actuate the staff to lodge to a peculiar topographic point for a longer clip.

The issue of employee publicity is besides a important issue for the hotel industry. Hotels which provide ways for employees to progress in place, or that provide developing for employees so that they can derive accomplishments necessary for an advanced place are really of import to the keeping rate of employees. It is good to execute services of such nature and the disbursal is really minimum as compared to the disbursal in invariably engaging and developing new people.

Human resources direction for hotels besides play an of import function in the country of employee services. If the employees know that they can near the Human resource squad whenever they have an issue than it will be more easy for them to work in a good ambiance. Many human resources sections implement different games and activities to do the work environment more interesting and merriment for employees. There are many different services that a human resources director can believe of to assist employee morale.

Therefore we can see that the importance of Human resource direction in hotels is really great. There are many ways in which the Human resource squad can guarantee that the hotel is running swimmingly and executing efficaciously and expeditiously.

Following stairss are of import in Human Resource Management:


Training and development



Employee battle


The enlisting is the most of import procedure in the human resource direction. There are several stairss in enlisting. First of all the Human resource direction must happen out what sort of people will outdo suit the place. The HR squad will set up for applications and will choose the best suited campaigners for an interview with the departmental caputs so they can cognize about the sort of cognition and the accomplishments the campaigner has. After that the Departmental caputs will shortlist few campaigners and they will be sent for the concluding interview with the top direction such as the General Manager.

In the Langtry Manor hotel the enlisting is largely done by the HR squad in counsel of the Hotel director. The departmental caputs are non involved most of the times in the choice and enlisting procedure. This prevents the Departmental directors from cognizing the campaigners in a better manner. Thus the new staff deficiency assurance in nearing the immediate directors and sometimes it besides consequences in the incorrect campaigner being hired because the departmental caputs know really good what sort of employees they are looking for.If the campaigner is non right it may take to hapless quality and development and might take to increased labor bend over.

The best pattern for the Langtry Manor would be giving the enlisting bureau the contract to use or to shortlist the list of campaigners and so the departmental director can finalize the choice.

However one time the staffing is done the staff has several issues and look to be unhappy. Most of the times they are dissatisfied by the behavior of the seniors and the sum of favourism in the hotel processs.

Besides most of the staff are non happy with the wage bundles and the sum of work they have to make in the hotel. The hotel besides does non supply any recreational activities. The staff is extremely defeated with the staff canteens and the cabinet suites.

The solutions for issues with staffing for the Langtry Manor Hotel, Bournemouth ( UK ) :

The Human resource squad can take a resource based attack to get by up with the issues of the employees with concern to staffing.

The resource based position of an administration is concerned with the relationships between the internal resources which includes the human resources, scheme and house public presentation.

This can assist do the human resource satisfied to a certain extent and human resources can supply more competitory advantage for the concern, every bit long as they are alone and can non be copied or substituted by viing administrations.

Training and development

Training and development programmes are of most importance to maintain employees knowing and informed about the recent alterations and the policy of the hotel. Training provides them with the assurance to execute the undertaking more accurately which finally benefits the company by holding consistence in the service. Training provides the information about alterations in the company policy and managerial cognition to the subsidiary employees.

The Langtry manor hotel has few preparation and development plans but the staff is still non satisfied because most of the staff does non believe in the criterion operating processs set by the hotel. Most of the times the departmental directors fail to present the right sort of preparation needed by employees who are non from the cordial reception background. Therefore the Human resource direction must take stairss to implement proper preparation and development plans. Besides new methods to make a peculiar sort of work must be appreciated and introduced because most of the times the employees are disappointed to make the same work in the same mode over the old ages


Motivation is the driving force which causes us to accomplish ends and hence it is one another most of import facet of human resource direction. There are several sorts of motivational theories which can be applied to actuate employees. Many modern-day writers have besides defined the construct of motive. Motivation has been defined as: the psychological procedure that gives behaviour intent and way ( Kreitner, 1995 ) ; a sensitivity to act in a purposive mode to accomplish specific, unmet demands ( Buford, Bedeian, & A ; Lindner, 1995 ) ; So over all motive is operationally defined as the interior force that drives persons to carry through personal and organisational ends. ( James Linder, 1998 )

Motivational issues in the Langtry Manor hotel, Bournemouth ( UK )

The deduction of understanding that all people are different is that the director has to hold an single relationship with each employee.

Content theory

Process theory.

Content theory – In the content theory the celebrated “ Maslow theory ” and its construct are more suited for our cordial reception situations.This theory states the demands of state of affairs, there are five demands as per Maslow

Physiological demands

Security demands.

Affiliation demands.

Esteem demands.

Self realization demands.

Content theory focal point on the demands of people as the premier drift for motivated behavior

Process theory – procedure theory focal point on mental procedure which transforms the motive force in to peculiar forms of behavior. In this the celebrated “ Vroom ‘s theory ” is the accurate one, this valency theory provinces that the strength of an single penchant for a peculiar result, which can either be positive or negative! ! !.

Motivational force-results



Vroom acknowledges that the results at the 2nd degree ( consequences ) normally multiply. The motivational forces drive the public presentation and the consequences.

McGregor ‘s considered the cardinal attack of staff towards work and divided the two different groups with wholly different attacks. He considered theory-X where staff dislikes work and does non wish to take duty. These sort of people are by and large prefers to be directed and wants security above all. Theory-Y where staff applies self-denial and way to accomplish organizational ends. They seek duty.So the administration and direction should take in history the type of forces required at peculiar station or degree and should handle them consequently to accomplish organizational aims.

Maslow considered basic demands of a human being for making this motivational theory. Different personalities are driven by different set of thoughts for acquiring motivated ; Maslow differentiated these demands into 5 major parts where he considered the basic demands at the underside of the pyramid and self-actualisation at the top.

Harmonizing to Maslow every human being must carry through the basic needs so he can travel on for furthers demands. If the basic demands are non fulfilled non a individual homo being will be motivated towards anything else. Once these basic demands are satisfied so administration may happen better direction for future through their staff provided they are motivated, trained and delegated with the duty.

Vector Vroom ‘s theory anticipation trades with motive and direction. Harmonizing to him the public presentation of an employee depends on personal factors such as personality, accomplishments, cognition, ability and experience. This theory based on different factors which may actuate employees through direction. Thus direction must detect employee ‘s value, preparation, resources and promotions/reward anticipation of an employee and direction should besides guarantee that wagess are fulfilled and that employees are cognizant of it.

The eventuality theory assumes that when director makes a determination he/she must see all facets of the state of affairs in present and normally leads to the attack of it all depends. So every clip direction will utilize different scheme to efficaciously pull off and do determinations.

Issues in the Langtry Manor Hotel, Bournemouth ( UK ):

The human resource in the hotel are of a position that the top direction is non holding a motivational attack, the staff is dissatisfied because of deficiency of communicating between the higher governments and them.

The employees frequently complain that their public presentation is non rated on a day-to-day footing.

The content theory and the procedure theories are both holding a batch of relevancy but in todays universe the human resource needs a theory based on the state of affairss and the current factors of the work environment predominating in the hotel and the viing hotels.

The Vroom theory can be used to guarantee and raise the criterions of satisfaction among the staff of the hotel because the theory preaches to utilize motivational forces to increase the public presentation criterions of the staff.

The Langtry Manor hotel, Bournemouth ( UK ) has an employee acknowledgment programme which is known as the ‘Edwardian Employee of the month ‘. In this system the employees are rewarded with hard currency money and gifts harmonizing to their public presentation in the hotel. The hotel used to be King Edwards remain topographic point and therefore the invitees come at that place with a batch of hopes. An employee with complete dedication towards carry throughing such invitee demands are awarded this award.This is a better manner of promoting the employees through their work itself.


There are many ways of leading and many readings of its significance. Leadership might be interpreted in simple footings, such as ‘getting others to follow ‘ or acquiring authorization in determination devising ‘. Leadership is a relationship through which one individual influences the behavior or actions of other people.

The different leading theories are as follows:

Trait theory

Style theory

Situational & A ; eventuality theory


This theory is based on an single personal properties. It is besides termed as “ leaders are born with traits ”. These sorts of leaders are good equipped with qualities that are really much necessity for the concern. This theory and manner is the oldest which was identified a century back. But the re outgrowth of this theory was a immense success due to the demand for skilled employees readily available. This is frequently seen that a peculiar personality or behavioral features shared by leaders. They possess basic leading qualities such as duty, assurance, persistent, enthusiastic, aggressive etc.


This theory is wholly depending on the manner the leaders approach to acquire the undertaking achieved. Basically it is 2 types,




Physiques on adult male ‘s demand to acquire a occupation done and do a life

Is preoccupied with power and place, political relations and fringe benefits

Is short-run and difficult informations oriented

Focuss on tactical issues

Relies on human dealingss to lubricate human interactions

Follows and fulfils function outlooks by endeavoring to work efficaciously within current systems

Supports constructions and systems that reinforce the bottom line, maximise efficiency, and warrant short-run net incomes


Physiques on a adult male ‘s demand for intending

Is preoccupied with intents and values, ethical motives, and moralss

Transcends day-to-day personal businesss

Is orientated toward long-run ends without compromising human values and rules

Focuss more on missions and schemes

Releases human possible – identifying and developing new endowment

Designs and redesigns occupations to do them meaningful and disputing

Aligns internal constructions and systems to reenforce overarching values and ends


Contingency theories of leading focal point on peculiar variables related to the environment that might find which peculiar manner of leading is best suited for the state of affairs. Harmonizing to this theory, no leading manner is best in all state of affairss. Success depends upon a figure of variables, including the leading manner, qualities of the followings and facets of the state of affairs.

Leadership issues in the Langtry Manor Hotel, Bournemouth ( UK ):

In the Langtry Manor, the theory which is used is Transformational leading because the hotel directors do non hold a rigorous attack towards the employees. It keeps into history the employee ethical motives and ethics.The employees hence find it really comfy to execute their regular responsibilities and jobs.However sometimes the employees find this excessively unprofessional as there is no professional attack between the directors and the lower degree staff.

Therefore the theory suggested for the human resource here is the eventuality theory which depends on the altering environment and that determines which peculiar manner of the leading is best suited for that peculiar clip period.

Employee battle

This is critical subdivision of the Human resource management.The full success of Human resource direction depends upon Employee battle. Give them a good occupation to make so they will make a good occupation. So the employee battle is the combination of dedication to the administration and its values plus a willingness to assist out co-workers. It is more so occupation satisfaction and is non merely about actuating the employees. Engagement is something the employee has to offer: it can non be ‘required ‘ as portion of the employment contract.Employers want engaged employees because they deliver improved and effectual work performance.Employee battle is a cardinal ingredient in accomplishing high quality public presentation – both at the person, squad and organizational degree.

The Langtry Manor hotel, Bournemouth ( UK ) is non really good at employee battle but they are endeavoring difficult to rehearse it.


The issues in the Langtry Manor hotel can be sorted out and the employees satisfaction degrees can be raised well if the recommendations given are followed and theories are practised in the concerned countries of employee dissatisfaction.


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