People Management At Pepsi Co Commerce Essay

There is an international company PepsiCo. PepsiCo, Inc. is one of the universes top consumer merchandise companies with many of the universes most of import and valuable hallmarks. Its Pepsi-Cola Company division is the 2nd largest soft drink concern in the universe, with a 21 per centum portion of the carbonated soft drink market worldwide and 29 per centum in the United States. Three of its brands-Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, and Diet Pepsi — are among the top 10 soft drinks in the U.S. market ( ) .

This assignment will enable me to acquire the cognition about the organizational construction of PepsiCo company whereas I came to cognize briefly about the administration civilization. This assignment will explicate the manner required by the leader and the benefits of flexible a on the job environment. Some people direction schemes will besides be discussed in the assignment.

About the Administration

Undertaking 1.1 Explain how organizational construction impacts on people in the administration

Administration construction – the organisation construction means the mode in the line of authorization, function and duty are delegated. The administration construction of the company is represented by the administration chart which shows the flow of bid ( Yadav 2009 ) . There can be a horizontal line of bid and can be perpendicular. There is a level construction of administration in which the flow of bid is horizontal, and one is tall in which the flow of bid is perpendicular. Some companies besides use functional in which the company make a different section in the administration harmonizing to functional countries. That is called a functional construction. Some administrations use a assorted organizational construction blending two types of the above organizational constructions. The functional organizational construction is really of import and effectual because the administration can concentrate work harmonizing to their sections ( ) .

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This is a assorted administration construction and in this construction the seniors order the juniors in separate sections for different maps. This is the organizational construction utilised at PepsiCo. In this administration there are many different sections harmonizing to the map such as selling, human resource and it is an ideal construction for this administration ( ) .

Impact of the organizational construction

The organisational construction explains the way of the flow of authorization and delegated duties in the administration. It explains how the people need to execute their responsibilities and who will be responsible for which undertaking. The organisation construction is really of import.

Undertaking 1.2 Explain how the organizational civilization impacts the people in the organisation

Harmonizing to Yadav ( 2009 ) organisational civilization is a common perceptual experience held by the organisation ‘s members ; a system of shared significances. It is a set of cardinal features that organisation values. There are seven primary features that capture the kernel of an organisation civilization. Invention and hazard pickings, Attention to detail, Outcome orientation, People orientation, Team orientation, Aggressiveness, Stability. Organizational ( Corporate ) Culture is a form of basic premises that are considered valid and that are taught to new members as the manner to comprehend, believe, and experience in the organisation.

There are three degrees of organisation civilization

Artifacts – Symbols of civilization in the physical and societal work environment.

Valuess Espoused – What members of an organisation say they value. This means what are the norms followed by the people of the organisation and enacted is the manner in which people of the organisation reflected the values and how persons really behave ( SMU 2011 ) .

Premises – Deeply held beliefs that steer behavior and state members of an organisation how to comprehend and believe about things ( Rao 2005 )

There are four types of organizational civilization.

Power civilization – Power is concentrated among a few with control distributing from the Centre. In this type of civilization the chief individual such as trough or manager have the right to do the determination and other people have to follow those determinations ( ) .

Role civilization – Authority is clearly designed in a clearly defined construction. The function civilization is that type of civilization in which the individual has the right to take determination harmonizing to their place. No confusion occurs and there is no hold in the determination devising ( ) .

Undertaking civilization – Teams are formed to work out peculiar job with power deducing from expertness. In the undertaking civilization authorization, authorization is merely provided for a peculiar undertaking and merely to the expert. When the undertaking is completed the authorization besides finishes ( ) .

Person civilization – All persons believe themselves to be superior to the administration. This suggests a group of like-minded persons prosecuting organizational ends ( ) .

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In this administration there is a function civilization because in the function civilization the duties are clearly delegated to the authorized individual and there is no confusion in the distribution of power. In the function civilization the right individual gets the right authorization.

Impact of organizational civilization

The organisational civilization helps the people in understanding how they need to act with each other. It besides describes the policies and process of the concern which its people need to follow.

Undertaking 1.3 Analyse the impact of leading manner on the person and squad.

There are four type of leading manners.

Autocratic leading – In this type of leading the leader makes determinations without mention to anyone else. There is high grade of dependence on the leader and he can de-motivate and estrange staff. In this type of leading the leaders do n’t take the advice from the remainder of the employees. This type of leading is good merely when you have shortage of clip and where determinations need to be made rapidly and resolutely. ( ) .

Democratic leading – In this type of leading the leader takes suggestions from the employee to better their determination devising. But the concluding authorization of determination devising remainders with what emphases is running throughout the organisation. It may assist in motive where workers feel they ain portion of the house. It may better the sharing of thoughts and experiences within the concern. ( ) .

Individualistic leading – In this tape of leading all duties are shared by all employees. It can be extremely motivational, as people have control over their on the job life. In this type of leading everyone is free to do determination harmonizing to their place. By this type of leading a company can avoid the hold in determination devising and an effectual determination can be taken ( ) .

Paternalistic – The leader acts as a ‘father figure ‘ s/he makes the determination but may confer with. He believes in the demand to back up staff. Sometimes taking a determination on his ain and sometimes discusses the job with others. In this type of leading employees feel secure like they have the security of their male parent ( ) .

This is an bossy leading manner because senior people make the determinations and other lower degree people have to follow those determinations ( Steiner 1997 ) . The TDM and ADC of the company do determination and the CE and salesmen have to follows those determinations. But that clip they merely take the feedback from the CE ‘S and salesmen merely to do the determinations more effectual but do n’t take their suggestion for determination devising ( ) .

If a leader acts as a democratic leader he can acquire better solution to his jobs and better public presentation instead than bossy leader.

Task 1.4 Review the people direction schemes used in the administration

PepsiCo a transnational drink company has been chosen. However, for the intents of this assignment merely the London operations will be studied. This company has its assorted type of organizational construction. In this administration there are many different sections harmonizing to the map such as selling, human resources, hence, it is an ideal construction for this administration.

In this administration there is a function civilization, the duties are clearly delegated to the authorized forces and there is no confusion in the distribution of power. To pull off the people efficaciously it uses the bossy leading manner in which all major determinations are taken from the top direction ( ) .

Undertaking 1.5 Explain the benefits of a flexible working environment to an person and organisation.

Harmonizing to Rao ( 2005 ) Flexible working environment means the employees have right to travel from one topographic point to another and they can flexibility of clip. If there will be flexibleness in working environment than it will assist in interrupting the humdrum of work and cut down the dreariness at the work topographic point. There are many benefits which a administration can acquire from flexible working environment.

Addition in productiveness – If the employee is able to work in a flexible work topographic point so they will be happier and can give maximal end product. Hence the productiveness will increase.

Time salvaging – If the employees will hold the flexibleness of working from any topographic point so they can work from their place and salvage the clip of going from their place to work topographic point ( ) .

New advanced thoughts – If the employees will be allowed to work in a flexible topographic point so acquire thoughts from people who will be around them, they can so acquire a better solution for any job.

Reduce emphasis – If the employees will hold the flexibleness of clip and work topographic point so they need non to hotfoot for work and they will hold no force per unit area of making workplace on clip.

Undertaking 1.6 Using motivational theories assess how the on the job environment impacts on the public presentation of employees.

Motivation theories – Every employee of the administration need some motive to work efficaciously. Company adopt many motivational factors to positively actuate the employees towards the company and work. ( tutor2u 2011 ) .

Maslow Hierarchy theory – Maslow has given the theory for the motive of the employees. He explains how an employer can positively actuate his employees towards work and how an employer can acquire the maximal out of employees ( Parsad 2009 ) . Harmonizing to Maslow there are six demands of the employees which should be fulfilled in a hierarchal order. If one of those demands are left than there will be no usage of carry throughing the other demands ( ) .

Physiological demands – Every individual has his ain basic demands of nutrient, apparels, and shelter and every employer should hold duty to carry through these basic demands. This is non the duty of the employer to supply nutrient and shelter but employer should hold to give that much wage that they can purchase their basic demands things. In instance of concern application a company should supply tiffin to employees ( ) .

Safety Needs – After the completion the physiological needs an employer should supply a safety work environment for its employees to work. If the employees do n’t experience safe in the work environment so they would be able to to the full concentrate on their work. In the concern a company should finish all the demand of wellness and safety policy. If the physiological demands of the employees did n’t fulfill so there is wastages of carry throughing other demands ( )

Social needs – Third most of import every individual want to societal with other people and after the completion of first two demands every individual has desire to run into with other people and do dealingss with other. Relationships such as friendly relationships, romantic fond regards and households help carry through this demand for company and credence, as does engagement in societal, community or spiritual groups. In the instance of concern the societal demand is really of import because company needs to socialize with clients and employee need to do friends to hearten up and take their tensenesss ( ) .

Self Esteem Needs – After the first three demands have been satisfied, esteem demands becomes progressively of import. The ego esteem need related to the ego regard of the individual and accomplishment ( Parsad 2009 ) . In the ego esteem a individual wants attending of other people towards him. There are two type of ego esteem one is internal and other is external ego regard. ( ) .

Self realization needs – After completion of the above four need a individual think about the wisdom and truth and a position of a individual. In instance of concern an employer should give full chance to carry through the calling of his employees ( ) .

If the working environment follow these hierarchy of demand and fulfill them consequently so the concern can acquire maximal end product out of its employees.

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The 2nd theory o motive is Herzberg theory.

In this theory there are two of import factors one is for the motive and another one is hygiene factor.

Hygiene Factors – these are those factors which satisfy the employees but they are non motivated. There are some factors such as salary, working status, position, supervising are hygienic factors ( ) .

Motivation Factor – The motive factor for the employee is involvement in occupation, accomplishment and acknowledgment. These factors lead to the high public presentation of the employees. But the combination of both hygiene and motive factor are of import ( ) .

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Undertaking 1.7 Assess how an organizational ethical patterns impact on the motive degree

While transporting out its concern operation every concern needs to see ethical issue. These ethical patterns guarantee the employees and the clients that the concern will non perpetrate any unlawful act ( ) . Social and the moral value will be considered carefully. Some of the ethical patterns are as follow

The concern will non knowingly injure any of its employees or client ( Steiner 1997 ) .

The concern will non interfere in the personal life of its employees and clients.

It will esteem all sorts of faith, imposts and traditions.

All the merchandises made by the concern will be safe for its clients

Good working environment will be supplying by the concern for its employees etc.

All the ethical pattern impact on the motive degree of the employees because if the employees will come to cognize about the good ethical pattern used by the concern so they will be ensured about the safety of their life and they can to the full concentrate on their work. This will ensue for the good public presentation of their employees. The PepsiCo Company besides use ethical patterns and all the merchandises delivered by the concern are good packed and hygienic ( ) .

Undertaking 1.8 Evaluate how the administration usage its corporate societal duties agenda to actuate employees.

The corporate societal duty means all the attempts done by the company to construct the positive image in the head of the clients. To do the good image in the head of clients the concern demand to pull off quality in two facets such as in regard of procedure and people. If both are things are making good the concern can be success in the competitory market ( ) .

In this the concern makes the good relation with its clients to construct the good image in the market. This makes the clients more loyal towards the company and aid in increasing the employees commitment toward satisfaction of clients. Hence towards the accomplishment of the organizational end ( SMU 2011 ) .

The Workforce

Undertaking 2.1 Explain how the personal difference impact on the single behavious and work

If the person will hold personal difference so they can non work comfortably with each other. The person will confront many jobs and hence their work will be affected by the personal differences

Lack of coordination – A company buzzword success without coordination must hold among the group member. A company lose their balance without coordination so everyone will make work harmonizing their want. Hence they would n’t be able to accomplish the common end ( Yadav 2009 ) .

Lack of communicating – communicating is the most of import thing in a company if their deficiency of communicating among the squad member this consequence to the repeat and if some clip the people among the group member does non pass on proper it can ensue inauspicious consequence on the perform moving which they are making.

No trust and regard for each other – if a company member do n’t make believe on each other they ca n’t make work decently. Trust must hold in all employs if the no among the group member a company can non running success to the full.

Lack of ego motive – if any group member motivated so he can actuate the other individual of the group who do n’t hold the abilities of acquiring self motivated so self motive is the most of import thing in a company if they have deficiency of ego motive company can non success ( ) .

Lack of Commitment for work and each other – If will be personal difference so there will be deficiency of commitment- sometimes groups do non work harmonizing to the committedness they did, like they do non finish their undertaking on clip, do non take involvement in the work etc

Undertaking 2.2 Analyse direction manner needed to cover with differences and single behavior.

There are many types of direction manner such as bossy manners in which the directors himself take all the determinations and inquire his subsidiaries to follow his determinations whereas in the democratic manner the director inquire his subsidiaries view while taking new determination. On the other manus the lazes ‘ carnival the trough allow his subsidiary to take all the determination on their ain ( Steiner 1997 ) .

The bossy leading manner will be helpful in covering with the single difference because in this manner all the determinations will be taken by the director. If the director follow the lazes just manner so there are opportunities of struggle among the employees and determination devising can be delayed. The manner of leading has been chosen harmonizing to the nature of the concern and determination demand to be taken ( ) .

Undertaking 2.3 Explain how motive theories can be applied to develop public presentation in administration

Harmonizing to Parsad ( 2009 ) every employees need motive without motive every employee can give mean public presentation but to acquire the good public presentation motive is required. There are many types of motivational theories such as Maslow need theory, X and Y theory etc. Every theory explain the different method of motive to employees but there is one thing common that employees need motive. There are many motivational techniques which help in the bettering the quality of the public presentation of the employees.

Incentives – If I will acquire the inducements for the good public presentation so it act as a motivational factor because inducements are pecuniary benefits. If I will acquire the inducements so there are opportunities of good public presentation of mine become high. I will execute better to acquire good inducement ( ) .

Wagess – Wagess can besides move as motivational factor for me because the wagess give the acknowledgment in the society. Wagess chiefly include the awards and congratulations in any of the map of the company.

Fringe benefits – If the company will supply me excess installations such as choice & A ; bead installation, medical insurance etc. this will besides actuate me to give the good public presentation and it besides increase my committedness towards the company.

Promotion – If the company will advance me to higher place for my good public presentation so in future with the same outlook I will give the good public presentation ( ) .

These are some motivational techniques which help me in giving in the quality public presentation.

Undertaking 2.4 Explain the different usage of coaching and monitoring in the administration

In any concern administration alterations are implemented to do the concern running successfully because there are many environmental factors which affect the concern and sometimes their consequence is unmanageable ( Rao 2005 ) . So to get by up with those alterations in external environment the concern demand to implement some alterations in it but the execution of those alterations is non effectual. The concern needs to supervise the advancement of the enforced alteration and the public presentation of the people because so merely the concern can come to cognize about of the alteration. There are many tools available to supervise the consequence of alteration.

Regular studies

The concern can utilize the regular studies to mensurate the public presentation of the alteration because with the aid of regular studies from employees maintain the concern updated with the alteration position. These studies help the concern to place possible setoffs before they become a job. With the aid of these studies the concern can look into the regular position of the alteration.

A checkpoint system

A checkpoint system is besides another tools to supervise the public presentation of the people because with the aid of checklist the because in the checkpoints there are little ends are given to the employees with regard to alter. The concern checks the performance4 of the employees after the execution of the alteration and harmonizing to the given ends ( ) .

Swot Analysis

It can look into it strengths, failing, chances and menaces before and after implementing the alteration. If is most the failing and menaces has been removed and all the strengths and chances has been utilised so it can state the alteration is good and if non so concern demand to reexamine the alteration ( ) .

MBO ( direction by aims )

Harmonizing to Parsad 2009 this is more like the cheque point system but both the somewhat different. In the checkpoint system the ends are merely for specific undertakings but in the MBO the direction set the aims for its employees but related to every undertaking of the concern and the concern has to accomplish those aims. Similarly here the direction look into the public presentation of the employees with regard to the given aims before and after implementing the alteration.

Balance scorecard

In this tools the concern check the public presentation of the concern in four countries such as finance, clients satisfaction, internal concern procedure and acquisition and development of employees. This is besides usage before and after presenting the alteration ( ) . To cognize the effectivity of the concern these supervising coaching techniques are used.

Undertaking 2.5 Analyse the benefits of preparation and development to single and administration.

Training and development help the administration and person to acquire familiar with the new tendency and engineering. It serves many benefits to the person ( Parsad 2009 ) .

Increase their cognition – The preparation and development help the person to increase their cognition about new engineering and the latest tendency in the market ( ) .

Build assurance – It help in constructing the assurance of the employees because if they will hold full information about any new tendency so they can confidently work on new engineering.

Reduce accidents – The preparation and development aid in the cut downing the opportunities of accident because before developing about working new machine the employee can acquire injured.

Better use of resources – The proper preparation and development help the employee to efficaciously and expeditiously use its resources.

Save clip and cost -If the employees will be give proper developing about development of new merchandise so they will do merchandise with lesser wastage ( ) .

Undertaking 2.6 Assess the impact of people direction schemes used in the administration

With the aid of the assorted administration construction there is clear division of all the functional section of the administration and people can work consequently. There is no excess work burden on the employees and clear and proper deputation of governments and duties ( Gupta 2010 ) .

With the aid of bossy direction manner the company can avoid the struggle among the employee sing the determination devising because all the determination semen from the top direction and it can besides avoid the hold in the determination devising. The PepsiCo is a really large company and it need to take speedy determination to maintain its concern running so this manner has better the determination doing procedure of the concern ( ) .


Undertaking 3.1 Recommend the schemes to prom

Recommendation – In my sentiment at that place should hold the democratic leading in this administration. Senior station people should take the suggestion from the lower degree people while taking the determination sing the gross revenues because the salesmen and the client executives know the exact state of affairs about the market and they can break state the senior people that what would be good for increasing the gross revenues of the merchandises. Company should besides give some right to the lower degree people to do any determination because some clip salesman besides has to do determination harmonizing to the state of affairs ( ) .


Working on this assignment was a great experience and I acquired some new cognition through this assignment. There is a assorted administration construction is used in the above given administration and function civilization the aid the concern in proper deputation of authorization and duty. Although the company does hold a function civilization which empowers staff to a certain degree, I believe the bossy manner of the PepsiCo ‘s leading manner will do the full growing slow. As it is the front line staff who know the most about market conditions it would be good concern sense for them to utilize a democratic manner of leading. With the democratic manner being used PepsiCo could do more money through existent staff authorization. However, at the same clip I do believe that some of bossy leading should stay because if any differences happen with staff the seniors can assist in the decision-making procedure. The company would hold many benefits by holding flexible working environment.


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