pepsi cola Essay

Introduction: Pepsi Cola started in the January 1898, from a small Drug store in the city of North Carolina. The owner of the Drug store, Mr. Caleb Bradham, prepared a drink, which the customers called “the Bred Drink”. Bred registered this drink with the name of Pepsi Cola in 1903. Then he started his own production at Marco level and established his own company. The business expanded and this drink got fame time. In 1909 this company reached to 24 states of America with more than 250 dealers. The very first packing of Pepsi was in 16. 5 ounce.

In 1932 Pepsi cola has introduced its new packing in 12 ounce. In 1950 Pepsi Cola has started its new Advertising Campaign with the name of “Refresh without Filling”. It also changed the chemical formula and decreased its sweetness and calories. With the efforts of the Sales & Marketing Department, Pepsi got so much fame that it established new plants at a rate of thirty per annum. In 1985 the design of the bottle has been changed after 20 years. And a new and attractive packaging has been offered with two new flavor i. e. , Teem & Mirinda.

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Today Pepsi is available in more than 160 countries of the world including Soviet Union & China. HISTORY OF PEPSI COLA: 2001 Pepsi puts “a little twist on a great thing,” introducing lemon-flavored Pepsi Twist and Diet Pepsi Twist. The product launch marks the return to lemon-flavored colas for Pepsi, which distributed Pepsi Light until the mid- 1980s. Colombian singing sensation Shakira stars in a series of new commercials for Pepsi Just as her debut English-language album hits stores in the U. S. At the same time, Pepsi agrees to ponsor the Latin pop star’s worldwide concert tour.

Pop superstar Britney Spears appears in her first Pepsi commercial during the 2001 Academy Awards. The high- energy spot also runs online, where more than 2 million fans click their way to Britney’s own version of “The Joy of Pepsi. ” Also Ricky Martin and Robbie Williams signed for Pepsi. 2002 In December, American music and film sensation Beyonc?© Knowles Joins the cola, the blue-hued soft drink is created by and for teens. Pepsi-Cola becomes the official soft drink sponsor of the National Football League in U. S.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford unveils new Diet Pepsi graphics during the March Academy Awards telecast. The new packaging features a bubbly blue background that reflects the brand’s light, crisp, refreshing qualities. Cindy’s commercial also helps introduce a new Diet Pepsi tagline, ” Think Young. Drink Young. ” 2003 Pepsi-Cola unveils a new advertising campaign, “Pepsi. It’s the Cola,” which is the brand’s first major campaign shift since 1999. The new campaign highlights the popular soft drink that goes with everything from food to fun.

Pepsi launches the biggest outdoor campaign in Australian history. Featuring aspirational local talent: Holly Valance, Harry Kewell and Chloe Maxwell. In Europe Pepsi launche campagne “0K Corral” with football players. 2004 Pepsi launches two biggest new campaigns: “Dare for more” with appearance of Beyonce, Britney, Pink and Enrique Iglesias, and “Foot battle” featuring greater football talent: David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Francesco Totti, Ronaldinho, Raul, Quaresma, Diego Cunha, Fernando Torres and Van de Vaart.


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