Performance Management Paper Essay

Performance appraisals composed of the steps of observing, assessing employee performance, recording the assessment, and providing feedback to the employee. During performance appraisal, skillful managers give feedback and praise concerning the acceptable element of the employee’s performance. At Black River Healthcare performance appraisal can be reward high performers with merit pay, recognition, and other rewards. The type of performance measurement system that they use is the rating scale.

The rating scale consists of a graphic scale in which the performance level is marked. Black River evaluates their employees direct report that relates to one another and categorizes each on a scale meaning A is outstanding performance, B stands for high middle performance, and C stands for in need to improve. In order for performance to be rated accurate, the appraisal system requires the rater to assess each relevant performance dimension.

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The advantage of the graphic scales is to evaluate the employee quantity of work, volume of work under normal working conditions, dependability, judgment on good or bad situations, attitude toward patients, cooperation with coworkers and patients, and initiative. The quality of work consists of neatness and the correct way of work knowledge of job. Dependability means are they reliable and accurate, with respect to attendance, relief, and being to work on time as scheduled.

According to the human resources department at Black River Healthcare and the board member of this organization, graphic rating scales are less time consuming and it allows manager to develop and also allow him or her to compare quantitative comparison. The disadvantage of graphic scales is comparing workers ratings from a single supervisor than comparing two workers who were rated by different supervisors and getting around the worsted in graphic rating scales is to use behavior based scales, in which specific work related behaviors are assessed.

One of the most dangerous is stereotyping, which occurs when a manager places an employee into a class or category based on one or few traits. The graphic scale can be hard to interpret. Another rating error with graphic is halo effect, in which the manager gives an employee the same rating on all dimensions even if their performance is good on some dimensions and poor on other. The impact on employees with the graphic scales is that with employee comparison systems employee performance is evaluated relative to the performance of other employees.

In other words, employee comparison systems use rankings, rather than ratings. Employee at Black River says that comparison systems are plagued with several weaknesses. The rating standards for judging performance are vague, the accuracy and fairness of the ratings can be seriously questioned. The impact on departmental performance is team concept which breaks down barriers across the nursing and front desk department and improves cooperation. Coworkers at Black River know one another problems and comprise rather than blindly pursue his or her own goals.

The employees concepts also enables the organization to quickly to adapt to patients request and environmental changes and speeds decision making because decision need not to go to the top of the hierarchy for approval. Employees are enthusiastic about their involvement in bigger projects rather than narrow departmental task. Employees don’t make much money, but they’re motivated by the freedom they have to propose new ideas and put them into action (Geoff, 64). Another impact is matrix approach that is controversial because of dual chain of commands.

Rapid change at Black River appears every other week. The matrix structure makes efficient use of human resources because specialist can be transferred from one division to another. The problem is confusion and frustration. This problem leads to the third disadvantage that is time lost from seeing patients and discussion devoted to resolving conflicts. My manager says that understanding the disadvantage and advantage of each department one must recognize how each structure can provide benefits but may not be appropriate for every department and situation.

Improvement is needed everyway around at Black River. Performance is a measure of the results achievement. As a manager keep in mind that over control can be detrimental to the employee’s performance as under control. People resent being watched too closely. In order to keep the employees at Black River contemporary find a balance between oversight and control on, the one hand and mutual trust and respect on other on the other hand. The purpose of planning and goal setting is to help the organization achieve high performance.

Overall organizational performance depends on achieving outcomes identified by the planning process. The process of planning is changing to be more in tune with a rapidly changing environment. Healthcare changes on regular bases. I think the manager should involve others in planning and goal setting enhances commitment and performance. Help people align their individual goals with the organization mission and vision and use goals to encourage innovation and excellence. Geoff Keighley, “Massively Multinational Player”, Business, 2. 0 (September 2002): 64-


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