Periodic Table and Trends

What are most of the elements on the periodic table?
Left and middle
Where are metals found on the periodic table?
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Periodic Table and Trends
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What is the 1 element not found on the left and middle of the periodic table?
Shine and luster
Metals have…
Conductors/Heat and electricity
Metals are good … of…
Malleable and ductile
Metals are … and …
Can be hammered into shapes or sheets
What does malleable mean?
Can be stretched into wire
What does ductile mean?
Solid/Room temperature
Metals are … at …
What is the 1 metal which is a liquid?
Lose electrons
Metals …
Right side of the periodic table
Where are nonmetals found?
What is the only nonmetal that is not found on the right side of the periodic table?
Poor conductors/Heat and electricity
Nonmetals are … of …
Nonmetals are … that tend to be …
Most nonmetals are…
Some nonmetals are…
Liquid/Room temperature (Bromine)
1 nonmetal is … at …
Gain electrons
Both metals and nonmetals
Metalloids/Semimetals have characteristics of…
Along the “steps” between metals and nonmetals
Metalloids/Semimetals are found…
boron (B), silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), Arsenic (As), antimony (Sb), tellurium (Te)
Metalloids/Semimetals include…
Horizontal rows; an new energy level is added with each period
What is a period?
Vertical rows; elements in a family have similar properties; form ions with the same charge due to the same number of valence electrons
What is a group/family?
Group 1
Alkali Metal are…
Group 2
Alkaline Earth Metals are…
Group 17
Halogens (salt forming) are…
Group 18
Noble Gases (inert gases) are…
Groups 3-12
Transition Metals (color) are…
The 2 rows found under the periodic table
Inner Transition Metals are…
Atomic radii
Metallic character
Ionization energy
What are the periodic trends?
Down a group because a shell is added with each new period
Atomic Radii increase…
From left to right; no new shells are added but a proton and electron are added as the atomic number increases; since the protons are 2000 times larger than the electrons, they are able to pull the electrons closer as the positive charge in the nucleus increases
Atomic Radii decrease…
Based how easily metals can lose electrons
Metallic Character has a trend that is…
Down a group because the larger radii make it easier to lose electrons
Metallic Character increases…
From left to right; nonmetals want to gain electrons and the smaller radii make it harder to lose electrons
Metallic Character decreases…
The amount of energy needed to remove the outermost electron from the atom
What is Ionization Energy?
Down a group; the radii gets larger so less energy is needed to remove the outermost electron
Ionization Energy decreases…
Across the period; the radii decrease, requiring more energy to remove the outermost electron because it is closer to the protons; nonmetals do not want to lose electrons
Ionization Energy increases…
The ability for an atom to attract electrons to itself when bonded to another atom
What is Electronegativity?
Across the period; a smaller radius makes it easier for the protons to attract electrons of another atom
Electronegativity increases…
Down a group; as the radii increases it is more difficult for the protons in the nucleus to attract electrons of other atoms
Electronegativity decreases…
Atomic number
Elements on the periodic table are arranged by this…
Valence electrons
Having the same number of these gives elements in a group similar properties…
Copper (Cu)
What element forms a color compound?
Chemical properties
Elements in the same group tend to have similar…
Valence electrons
Elements in the same group have the same number of…
What tends to be brittle in the solid state?
Energy level/orbital
An … is added with each new period
Oxidation states
The observed regularities in the properties of the elects are periodic functions of their…
Metals only
Mose of the groups in the periodic table contain…
Lose electron and form positive ions
Atoms of metals tend to…
High heat conductivity
What property is generally a characteristic of metallic elements?
What substance is the best conductor of electricity?
Both metals and nonmetals
The element arsenic has the properties of…
C, Si, Ge
Which list of elements contains two metalloids?
K, Mn, As, Ar
Which set of elements contains a semimetal?
Period 4, Group 15
On the periodic table, an element classified as a metalloid can be found in…
A property of most nonmetals in the solid state is that they are…
Which element is brittle in the solid phase and is a poor conductor of heat and electricity?
Group 11 (Copper)
Which group of the periodic table contains an element that can form a blue sulfate compound?
As the elements of group 1 are considered in order from top to bottom, the ionization energy of each successive element will…
All elements have valence electrons in the same principal energy level
Which statement describes the elements in Period 3?
As atoms of elements in Group 16 are considered in order from top to bottom, the electronegativity of each successive element…
High ionization energy and high electronegativity
Which properties are most common in nonmetals?
Within period 2 of the periodic table, as the atomic number increases, the atomic radius generally…
Atoms of which element have the smaller radius?
Upper right
In which area of the periodic table are elements with the strongest nonmetallic properties found?
As the elements in group 15 are considered in order of increasing atomic number, which sequence in properties occurs?
K and Na
Which elements have the most similar chemical properties?
Which of the following group 15 elements have the most metallic properties?
Number of valence electrons
Calcium and strontium have similar chemical properties because they both have the same…
Which group contains elements in all 3 states of matter (solid, liquid, gas)?
The ability for an atom to attract electrons when bonded is called…

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