Periodic Table - Important Groups

Group 1; unstable, highly reactive, likely to bond with other elements; extremely soft metals, abundant in nature; low densities, low melting and boiling points, 1 valence electron
Alkali Metals
Group 2; very reactive, likely to bond with other elements, 2 valence electrons
Alkaline Earth Metals
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Periodic Table – Important Groups
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Group 17; 7 valence electrons, easily bond with alkali metals to make a salt
Group 18; 8 valence electrons, non-reactive, stable, high densities, high melting points, colorless, odorless, tasteless
Noble Gases
“Rare Earth Elements”, common properties to Lanthanum, top row of inner transition metals
Lanthanide Series
Radioactive metals, common properties to Actinium, bottom row of inner transition metals
Actinide Series
Malleable, Ductile, good conductors, solid at room temp., high luster, left side of Periodic Staircase
Brittle, not ductile, bad conductors, low luster, gases at room temperature, right side of Periodic Staircase
Properties of metals and nonmetals, in Periodic Staircase
Groups 1-2,13-18; represent each category of metals, nonmetals, and metalloids, labeled with number and “A” to show how many valence electrons
Representative Elements
Groups 3-12, solid at room temp., labeled with a number and “B” for the number of valence electrons
Transition Metals
Underneath table, periods 6-7, solid at room temperature
Inner Transition Metals

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