Perpetration of Gay and Lesbian Partner Violence: a Disempowerment Perspective Essay

Perpetration of Gay and Lesbian Partner Violence: A Disempowerment Perspective Disempowerment theory means that a person in a relationship ether gay or lesbian relationship sometimes turns to be violent to their intimate partner. There is a reason for the use of violence; studies have shown that there factors that make the perpetrator to use violent means to harm his or her intimate partner. According to disempowerment theory those persons that feel unsecured and that also lack self-efficiency are at risk of using violence.

They also become controlling when their intimate partner exposes their insecurities. The application of disempowerment theory to explain gay and lesbian intimate partner violence is discussed in terms of three clusters of factors: individual, family of origin and, intimate relationship characteristics. Individual Characteristics According to disempowerment theory this factor states that a person might feel to be more controlling and aggressive to his/her intimate partner because he/she might feel to be more masculine and stronger.

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Perpetration of Gay and Lesbian Partner Violence: a Disempowerment Perspective Essay
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Having this feeling might lead the person to be more abusive and turned to use violence. There are also psychological means such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, inability to trust, guilt and helplessness may place one in one disempowerment position in relation to an intimate partner. Psychological factors show that a person might become abusive because he/she might have high percentages of depression or anxiety. They compensate themselves by using violence.

I think that the inability to trust someone might put at risk someone in a gay or lesbian couple, the reason why is because a person from the relationship might feel that if his/her partner is cheating on him/her then he/she deserves punishment which most of the times this punishment might be extreme where someone could get hurt really bad for instance death. I have seen similar cases on the news where a person kills his/her intimate partner because he/she taught that their intimate partner was cheating on that person.

Also having low self-esteem might result in abusing alcohol and drugs, and both have been found to be part of the violence between gay and lesbian couples. Perpetrators turned to alcohol when they feel disempowered in other words unsecure of themselves, and also gay and lesbians have been found to have higher rates of alcohol abuse than heterosexuals. Homophobia has been linked with lower self-esteem and feelings of powerlessness and self-destructive behaviors such as substance abuse like alcohol, but why a gay or lesbian might turned their backs and use violence against their intimate partner?

I think that when they feel like they are alone and that there isn’t any kind of support by society they turned to things that might make them feel more comfortable with their choice of sexual preference like using drugs or alcohol and these substances give them some sort of empowerment and they might feel that they are the one in control of the relationship and that they can do almost anything with their intimate partner. Family of origin Characteristics

Many times in a gay or lesbian relationship one might use violence against their intimate partner simply because they witnessed it as children or even they experience the abuse themselves. This provides a high percentage of the perpetrator to use violence because that’s what he /she learned as a child and as adults they might turned to be more violent towards others. For gay and lesbians might be very difficult to approach their families do to the lack of low self-esteem and insecurity and this leads to a poor relationship with the family in general.

This vulnerability of not been able to approach the family for support or other needs might leave them in a disempowerment position and later on as adults they might carry this position with them in an intimate relationship. Family members might not be the support for a gay or lesbian in fact they will not approach them unless if the gay or lesbian does first. Now day families have change their perception of gays and lesbians and they might be probably a little more supportive to gays and lesbians in the family. Intimate relationship characteristics


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