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INtroduction to accounting

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Learning result

  1. Be able to build and analyse fiscal statements utilizing a scope of techniques and appropriate e-tools in order to critically measure their value in determination devising
  2. Critically appraise current developments in accounting and finance including measuring modern-day theories and empirical grounds within the context of contrasting planetary concern contexts e.g. the ethical and international issues confronting by organisations when formulating, implementing and describing fiscal schemes.
  3. Acknowledge the part of accounting and finance to a diverse scope of endeavors and society as a whole and be capable of lending to accounting and finance research utilizing appropriate informations and methodological analysiss.
  4. Be able to prosecute in the workplace as an ethical professional with the indispensable alumnus properties of endeavor, digital literacy and planetary mentality.

Part B )

Course nucleus

Yttriumear 1



Introduction to accounting

It is able to cognize what is accounting and the definition of nomenclature. Besides learn the production of fiscal study. It covers LO1.


It help to cognize the procedure and construction in a concern, besides include the macro-environment and rivals analysis. It cover 2, 3, 4.

Calciferolataanalysis to accounting

It introduce about the method to analyse the information of accounting and the tools that use in calculate. It covers LO 1.

Introduction to Financial Statement Preparation

It develop the abilities of bring forthing a fiscal statement. It cover LO 1.

Management Accounting

It help to better the accomplishments of manage accounting, which covers LO1.

Corporate and Business Law

It conclude the needful jurisprudence cognition and rule of a concern. It covers LO2 & A ; 3.

Year 2



IT for Accountants

This class develops the accomplishments of utilizing the package to supply for accounting study, it covers LO1 & A ; 4

Covering with Accounting Adjustments

This covers the rating of accounting ordinance, LO2 & A ; 3.

Intermediate Management Accounting

It conclude the accomplishments in direction and analysing information for intents of direction coverage, it covers LO1 & A ; 4.

Fiscal Management

It develop the accomplishments pf determination devising and pull off the fiscal information, it covers LO1 & A ; 2.

Producing/Interpreting Group Financial Statements

It develop the accomplishments of bring forthing the fiscal statement with a concern group, it covers LO1, 2 & A ; 4.

Management and Scheme

It is about aims and schemes of companies and it help concern to pull off and develop, it covers LO2 & A ; 3.




Strategic Planning and Control

It teach that it need to fix a long-run program integrating market-based research from external environment and involves using advanced techniques of accounting to existent life state of affairs, it covers LO3 & A ; 4.

Advanced Financial Management

It develops the accomplishments of accomplishing the concern aims, it covers LO1 & A ; 2.

Accounting Issues

It tell the issues that might be met and present the resolution method, it covesLO2 & A ; 3.

Corporate Taxation, Theory and Practice

It introduce the importance of corporate revenue enhancement, theory and pattern. It covers LO1, 2, 3 & A ; 4.


International Business Finance,

It is about the resource about finance for concern through the fiscal system, it covers LO1 & A ; 4.

Audit and Assurance,

It provides the criterions of audit and confidence, which could assist us more convenient to measure, it covers LO1 & A ; 4.

Part degree Celsius )

Three independent survey activities

Better IT accomplishments

IT skills is really important for an accounting study. We should utilize it make gather informations, analyze the information and signifier a fiscal study. Therefore, in the career, I need to better my IT skills such as excel, power point and cognize how to bring forth a signifier. I would utilize my free clip to larn the accomplishments and inquire my friends who study IT class.

Maestro in linguistic communication ( particularly English )

As an history, non merely we should measure the fiscal statement, but besides come out what we get from the signifier and show it out. So the look for us is of import. As English is a planetary linguistic communication, we ought to cognize good about it. Therefore, the English usage in college is non plenty. We need to utilize it more widely in day-to-day life and pattern it more professionally.

Large sum of pattern in free clip

I must hold a good attitude to pattern because sometimes it is the sum-up of what we learn in a class. It is a benefit method to look into whether you understand what you learn. Besides, a big sum of pattern could be really accurate to measure the information. Merely the best pattern makes perfect accounting cognition.Only in this manner can besides put a foundation of accounting. Thus, far off from lazy, I need to go a arduous bee.

Part vitamin D )

Career way

After graduation, I already have cognition of accounting and Acca. In order to farther research and survey, I decided to go on my surveies.

To go a competent comptroller is my first planning after maestro graduation. I hope I can get down from the grassroots to play after the foundation of the more senior comptroller in the hereafter. Use this one to two old ages of work clip to larn from the experience as comptroller and utilize the erudite cognition practiced in school. At the same clip, I supposed to larn the cognition behind the Acca class, I hope I able to complete the scrutiny of class for four old ages after graduation.

The followerss are the inside informations about my planning:

1/2017 The holiday after graduating from college-I program to happen an internship occupation about accounting in Malaysia.

2017-2019 Two old ages after graduating from the university, I look frontward to further researching the accounting and finishing the MBA. In the procedure of acquisition, I hope to go on the pattern about accounting work in order to roll up work experience.

2019 After maestro grade graduation, I want to take advantage of my linguistic communications and accounting footing, and strive to use for the world’s five top companies, so get down from the grassroots.

At the same clip, I must travel down to the Acca classs. I look frontward to hold chance to done Acca after working.

2020 hope to hold a happiness household. Ultimately dream-become a qualified senior comptroller.

Develop chief competencies to accomplish the way

Advantagesof self-competent to accomplish my calling way


Equally far as I am concerned, forbearance is really important for accounting survey. It is a careful procedure to bring forth the signifier. And I feel good about my self-ability of forbearance which could assist me more accurate to organize. I am confident that it is benefit for my calling way.

The ability of seeking information

To larn from a complex book the needed and the of import information is really basic for comptrollers. And the ability of acquiring information is an outstanding strengths for me compared to others. In my future calling way I ought to take good usage of it.

Ability of woolgathering

The ability of dream, sounds similar really empty. In my sentiment, woolgathering is a necessary thing in our life, if one twenty-four hours we implemented? I know that my dream is really far, but merely in this manner can I prosecute and implement it step by measure. I take pride in holding a immense dream.

Aspects that need to better to accomplish my calling way

Attention control



Through the analysis of self-ability, I learned that I am deficiency of concentration. With the intent of enhance my history ability, I should pay more attending to concentrate on acquisition, like puting a survey or working program with clip limited, to better the acquisition efficiency

Staying power

Although there are clear ends, but I frequently anticlimactic. This is my biggest job. As a college pupil I realize I must be responsible for myself. Nothing could halt me traveling frontward to be a competent comptroller this clip. The defect must be corrected, either in my work or life.

Team work force

Team work is treatment, it besides can intend by larning. We could larn from each other through teamwork: Learning strengths in communicating with others and doing up for self-shortcomings from others experiences.Only in this manner able to absorb the maximal degree cognition of accounting, and less roundabout waies.


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