Personal reflection on the Research and Analysis Project (RAP)


An Analysis of Business and Financial Performance of


( Period 2009/10 to 2011/12

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1 Introduction…………………………………………………… … 1

2 Evaluation of Meetings with Project Manager……………… … 2

2.1 First Meeting..………………………………………… … 2

2.2 Second Meeting………………………………………… . 3

2.3 Third Meeting………………………………………… … 4

3 RAP aims and their achievements……………………… … 4

4 Assessment of Interpersonal and communicating accomplishments used… 5

5 How it Benefits in future Studies……………………………… . 6

1. Introduction

This study is written in order to show accomplishments learned during the procedure of set abouting the Research and Analysis Project ( RAP ) . It attempts to reply all the inquiries as required by Oxford Brookes University for the achievement of the demand of the RAP.


In order to successfully finish the RAP, the meetings with the Project Manager has helped me a batch. However to administrate a productive meetings and acquire valuable information out of it, Planning is indispensable as it keeps you on path.

Equally far as the Project Manager is concerned he should be a individual that genuinely understands the demands and broaden your cognition and aid you progress and in my position Mr Muhammad shahid is one who can steer and assist me with the advancement swimmingly towards accomplishing the targeted ends. I discussed all the demands of the RAP with him and inquire for his clip and handiness as my wise man during the undertaking. I conducted three meetings as described with him which are as follows ;

2.1 FIRST Meeting

First meeting was held every bit planned to size up the thoughts which I gather about for the intent of fixing RAP. As instructed in the info battalion, before the meeting held ; I did some pre research on organisations and topic countries. So it can be presented to a Undertaking Manager ( PM ) for farther treatment. I was a bit nervous as I have ne’er conducted such a elaborate analysis, nevertheless after the meeting I came out more confident because PM believed that I could carry through what I have started with.

Every thing goes swimmingly every bit decided we started treatment as per distinct clip and I presented my initial research and agenda about the RAP. I had planned that I wanted to make the concern and fiscal analysis as I find myself good with Numberss and the analytical accomplishments require to make analysis, all my old surveies add on doing it clear but was non rather certain which sector to travel for. After hearing and looking into my workings he starts inquiring inquiries in order to happen out my involvements. After few proceedingss we came up with the industry, as I worked in heath and toilet articles sector so decided to take on with, he left the pick of organisation with me and I came out of the 2nd largest of the sector i.e. Superdrug Stores Plc ( SSP ) . I selected it because of the grounds which besides been presented to him was

  1. SSP is the lone 1 in the sector that provides merchandises at low monetary values even during the worse recession times and I was acute to cognize & amp ; analyse how it’s been done so successfully
  2. Furthermore, SSP is traveling through restructuring and this run assist them in procuring a Position among top five in non nutrient best retail merchants
  3. SSP is been considered a competition on a high street to a giant of wellness and beauty market i.e. Boots UK Ltd. Which in size far bigger than it.

After holding on Rap rubric and industry, I delivered my thoughts and present him a agenda of how I wanted to transport on with this, which he acknowledged.

After the meeting I felt enlightened and confident that I am on right path, his cross inquiring technique and advice helped me believe, rethink and coming up with better options revealed that if one knows what to make and how ensures high quality of research studies.

2.2 Second Meeting

Before the 2nd meeting I did set my attempts to garner all the information and information, besides make some computation so it can be presented during the meeting, as the intent of the 2nd meting was to update Project Manager about the RAP advancement so did I.

He was really pleased with the fact that I have done my research detecting with purposes and aims which was established before. His confidence truly boosts up my morale and energy degrees. However he did advice me on screening which Ratios so I wouldn’t travel beyond word count limitations, at this point I was really certain how and what can e added in finishing the RAP.

2.3 Third Meeting

At this clip I have completed RAP and cognizant that I have to make a presentation on it. It was really of import and important measure as I have to explicate to others of my position point about the public presentation of the SSP and how I think they can better it if there can be any betterments. I was bit nervous, because I ne’er done such a presentation.

Undertaking Manager Assurance about my working and completeness of RAP aid recover my assurance, this was a clip where I could demo my communicating accomplishments. Sharing my experience with others was a really good feeling and the difficult work truly came through when I come to cognize that it is ready to give it a spell.


There is a stating ; a end without a program is merely a wish, and a program without fit aims is a catastrophe.

From the really first twenty-four hours after reading the info battalion I understand how of import it is to put aims, as it helps you to track down your mark and to follow on your advancement at any given clip doing you realise ; is it what I truly wanted or there is something else that can be done.

In my personal position point I was really much successful in run intoing the aims of the RAP,

As I was cognizant of the fact that clear aims help you in making good. So I noted down in item. How I want to continue? What do I have to accomplish? And what resources do I hold? What are the restraints?

First thing comes foremost, I have to be after my RAP and fix a bill of exchange as it helps me in undertaking the undertaking successfully and besides on clip, so garnering informations and procedure it into presentable information by utilizing the analytical tools.

The tools I decided to use was ratio analysis to mensurate fiscal public presentation, SWOT Analysis and Porter’s five forces Analysis to provide all the possible factors that influence the public presentation of SSP over the last three old ages period.

After making all these stairss the following aim was to construe the consequences and back up them by valid points so it can be understand good. I spent more clip on it ; as it is a important phase of analysis, as it non merely necessitate you to critically measure the place taken by company but besides to happen out what makes it go on and how better place can be observed.


What I believe is the intent of the holding a undertaking director and meetings with him is non merely to acquire the counsel but it is to organize a relationship to rehearse and develop accomplishments and professionalism. Besides I believe by fixing this undertaking there is an huge betterment in my interpersonal and communicating accomplishments.

As I was cognizant of the importance of the meetings hence before every meeting I note down what was expected from me and what I want from my wise man as it helps me in pass oning good and to carry through the undertaking in a better manner.

Effective communicating is an art and needs a batch of practise to maestro, as one could hold a truly good thought but if non efficaciously communicated to others may non hold the chance of understanding. Source of information is they key for effectual communicating as he/she has to make up one’s mind what medium to be used and how to present successfully.

In the meetings normally thoughts was shared verbally, as I conducted all the research and documented it ; so the duty lies on my shoulders to encode the message in a manner or format that is apprehensible, i.e. information delivered should be in accounting and concern linguistic communication non in a layman’s footings.

The channel of communicating is every bit of import as the beginning of information is ; it should hold to be appreciating in order to acquire the info through with out any hinderance. Spoken words are used in unwritten communications, Hearing and sight channels are used most normally ; nevertheless communicating can be influenced by pitch, volume, velocity and lucidity of speech production. Hence I utilized these factors during the meetings for the better apprehension of the facts and to present messages efficaciously.

As the Sessionss were advised short, one could hold lot to inquire, as I had but short clip span press them to analyse the importance of the affair and relevance so that the clip spent must be utilized in a better manner and productiveness can be enhanced.

The large and aureate chance for the said intent was in 3rd meeting in the form of presentation, this is where I can show my interpersonal and communicating accomplishments better of all. As readying is the key to success, so I did prepared well for my presentation and reply the inquiries on research that I have conducted.


This undertaking was an exciting experience for me and I’m glad that while working on this undertaking I had addition a good apprehension of analytical accomplishment there execution and how I can pass on my findings with others. Which would non merely assist me with my farther surveies but will developed farther as I proceed in my professional calling.

I took this undertaking as it was really relevant to my current surveies and besides twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours concern activities. Before trying this undertaking I was non pretty sure of the existent life scenarios faced by organisations and how they approach to there solutions, the manner houses implement at that place scheme, what happened if the affair stay unsolved, what other factors organisation should looked for other than fiscal positions to avoid hapless public presentation. Now I learned the attack of making concern analysis of the existent company and this attack will be really helpful in future accounting tests and in future calling.

Furthermore this undertaking revealed on me that how of import is it to larn engineering and its utilizations in current concern environment, as it assist you to roundup, present and present your message more suitably. I was weak in MS Office skills which I had learned long-ago I thought it might had any utilizations as the readily available package bundles has taken over but this undertaking gives me an chance to heighten my IT skills.

As I had gone through meetings with wise man and interacted with different people while garnering information, I gained assurance and learned improved ways of pass oning efficaciously and constructing interpersonal accomplishments.

Last but non the least and in my position that was the of import of it i.e. The Presentation as it is the important portion of the direction functions in existent life occupations. This was wholly a new experience for me as I ne’er had a opportunity to make such a presentation. I learned how to do presentations and how we can present them efficaciously. Not merely this but besides I learned to warrant my stance in forepart of public and how to convert person by supplying valid back uping information.


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