Personal Values and Ethical Standards Paper Essay

I’ve been working for the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) for 22 years. I am Intermediate Typist Clerk my job function is data entry. I enter confidential information for IHSS participants and their care givers. I just celebrated my 21 year wedding anniversary this June. I have two great teenagers. Born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from Los Angeles High School.

Lived in San Fernando Valley and eventually moved to the great Antelope Valley. I’m excited that I have completed my associates’ degree and now working on my bachelors’ degree and focusing to complete these next two years of accomplishing college. I’m so grateful to have people to encourage me to go to a college and make a difference in my life and those around me. I’ve been blessed to have friends and family support to reach my goals. My hobbies are cooking and watching movies with my family.

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Personal Values and Ethical Standards Paper Essay
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I enjoy watching the food network channel; love to create different dishes and have my family be the guinea pigs. So far my dishes have been successful – I haven’t heard any complaints yet. I enjoy spending family quality time with my family, especially these next few years that my older son will be graduating from high school and is planning to go to college. I know that by me doing what I’m doing now has shown my children; I have set an example for them.


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