Persuading Going to the Movies Essay

The thing I want to persuade you of me and liking movies. Well I start when I was small or smaller. Since I can remember I was going to the movie theater always watching the newest movies that would come out. I don’t know when it was that I started to go to the movies but ever since then I haven’t missed a weekend where a new movie would come out. My dad the one who would take me to the movies every weekend this was because my mom and dad were in a middle of a divorce so I would spend most of my weekend with my dad.

So we start with my dad and us going to the movies, I guess you could call it a small tradition we do, ohm and by us I mean me, my dad, and my sister. This is why most reasons I like to go to the theater. I mostly go on a Saturday, unless I see that there’s a really good movie that comes out on a weekday like Wednesday or Tuesday, I just got to see it. I also like to go because the arcade games that are there. There’s one game called the terminator and it’s cool because the game has these guns that are two or three feet long and weigh like five or seven pounds and you shoot the machines and it’s really hard but addicting.

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Persuading Going to the Movies Essay
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There was one game that was pretty sick it was about shooting and killing animal and whoever got the most kills with the fewest bullets. Me and my dad would play that game a lot I would usually win because I’m good at aiming. When we would finish the games we’d usually or mostly get large drink with a large popcorn, or sometimes we’d get super nachos. The super nachos freaking delicious they put chips, nacho cheese, sour cream, guacamole, black olives, and if you want jalapenos.

That’s just great man. Then you just give the man the ticket find the movie and sit back and watch your movie. Your probably wondering what theater this is well this the theater in Albuquerque and the theater called rio 24 century. I forgot to mention that sometimes before we go to the movies we go out and eat at a restaurant. Today in these days that we are in right now while I’m writing this down I still go with my dad in the weekend because I want to.

Back then there was a arrangement about going with my mom or dad. So as you can see this theater is pretty awesome it’s got about everything a theater need. Sometimes I also go with friend and other people in my family like cousins it’s a pretty good place to hang and sit back. When I go, I don’t go for the movie, well yes I do most of the time because the movie looks pretty good, but beside that I go to spent time with my dad and it’s a good time and place to relax. Francisco Gomez 8/31/10


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