Persuasive Advertising Prompts Purchases Sample Essay

Two major corporations. Progressive and Allstate Insurance. have late launched televised advertizements that appeal to two clearly different audiences to sell their insurance merchandise by utilizing persuasive entreaties as defined in both Jib Fowles’ “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals” ( Fowles. 2008. p. 558 ) and the Aristotelean Appeals. The advertizers used Pathos as the underlying entreaty in both advertizements to make their targeted audience. but Allstate’s advertizement. “Girl in the Pink Truck” ( N. p. . Allstate Mayhem Commercial ) besides relied on the demand for safety ( Fowles p. 563 ) and nurturance ( Fowles p. 558 ) to appeal to parents of adolescent misss ; while Progressive’s advertizement. “Chick Flick” . ( N. p. . Chick Flick Progressive Insurance Commercial ) used the demand for sex ( Fowles p. 555 ) and accomplishment ( Fowles p. 560 ) to make the immature grownup audience. An analysis will be made as to how these entreaties are used to carry audiences to purchase their merchandise and how they are smartly disguised in the advertizements. Pathos. an emotional response. was invoked in the mark audience of parents of teenage misss by utilizing a pink vehicle as the major prop throughout the advertizement.

The grownup male driver was purporting to be a adolescent miss speaking on the cell phone. texting. and driving while narrowly get awaying several accidents in a parking batch ( N. p. . Allstate Mayhem Commercial ) . In today’s society. pink is typically associated with females. so this ocular hint was instantly evident to the targeted audience. raising an emotion they could associate to—anxiety when their kids are get downing to drive. In contrast. Progressive’s advertisement “Chick Flick” . the audience was instantly drawn in utilizing the Pathos Appeal when the male character was depicted isolated and entirely on a showery dark in a handicapped vehicle ( N. p. . Chick Flick Progressive Insurance Commercial ) . This was a sensible scenario that the audience could associate to. arousing empathy from the mark audience of immature grownups. Besides this superimposed subject. single entreaties were used individually for each advertizement. Feeling the demand to be safe was one entreaty ( Fowles p. 563 ) used by the advertizer in the Allstate advertizement.

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Persuasive Advertising Prompts Purchases Sample Essay
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The driver didn’t clang. but experienced several near-mishaps while debaring attending off from the route to the cell phone. While this may hold caused some dying minutes. the audience experienced the entreaty that their girls were safe. while acknowledging that clangs are rather likely at hand with driver distraction. “An insurance company wants to raise the demand to experience safe. but does non desire to go forth the ( audience ) with an unpleasant aftertaste. ” ( Fowles p. 565 ) . In contrast. the demand for sex was another entreaty ( Fowles p. 55 ) depicted in the Progressive advertizement when the female character all of a sudden appeared on the scene in a drenched. white frock which was non rather diaphanous. yet implicative. Her facial look and stride indicated a pending rendezvous as she approached the driver. another tactical entreaty of the demand for sex in making the immature grownup. “…advertisers have found sex to be a slippery entreaty. to be used meagerly. ” ( Fowles p. 556 ) and this was accomplished when the female broke the enchantment with her sudden “bright idea” of a solution. Because these advertizements were comparatively drawn-out. there was room for extra entreaties.

Another entreaty identified by Fowles and used by the Allstate advertizement was the demand for nurturance ( Fowles p. 558 ) This entreaty was demonstrated when the advertizers used the male character copying a teenage miss and demoing all the wrong things she was making. such as texting and speaking on the phone while driving ( N. p. . Allstate Mayhem Commercial ) . The mark audience. parents of adolescent misss. realized that their girls were still in demand of counsel and driving direction. Fowles explains this demand is “woven deep into our familial cloth. for if it did non be we could non successfully raise up our replacings. ” ( Fowles p. 558 ) In contrast. in Progressive’s advertizement. the female presented a solution to the job. which appealed to the demand for accomplishment ( Fowles p. 560 ) when she laid out her programs to help the driver. He became so positive that he would be successful that at the terminal of the advertizement. he felt complete plenty to bespeak an umbrella.

“A outstanding American trait. ( accomplishment ) is one that advertizers like to hook on to because it identifies their merchandise with winning and success. ” ( Fowles p. 560 ) . This advertizement ended with the male character being a victor with all of his jobs solved. Using three entreaties in advertisement may is the key to making the multitudes. In decision. although these two advertizements used the implicit in entreaty to Pathos. our emotions. to put the scene. they besides incorporated differing entreaties to make the two distinctively targeted audiences. Allstate’s advertizement used the entreaties of safety and nurturance to make the targeted audience of parents of adolescent misss ; Progressive’s advertizement used the entreaties of sex and accomplishment to make out to their targeted audience of immature grownups. By utilizing emotions and specific entreaties. these persuasive advertizements accomplished their end of making out and selling their merchandise to targeted audiences. By utilizing entreaties. the advertizers have smartly accomplished strength versus use.

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