Phase Autobiography Essay

“What are those? ” I asked my mom, walking through Toys “R” Us and pointing at a large box. “Those are Logos, you can put them together and build things,” she responded. I stared at them, repeating the name in my head. Logos. It was a funny name. They looked like colorful bricks with holes in them. “Can we get them? ” I asked. Sure enough, we were carrying a box of them to the checkout section. Crazy as It seemed, the small blocks mesmerism’s me as a kid. The different colors, sizes, shapes, all were astounding. Blue, yellow, green, red, all the colors I had heard f were there.

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Phase Autobiography Essay
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The way they could stack up together, how they could seemingly transform into anything I wanted, was amazing to me. I would sit on a Leg board that we had bought and make different story lines, using Logos to build a city, boxing ring, even things that were supposed to look like cars, planes, and boats. With all these, I had control over my own mini world, and an endless day of fun. I would enjoy pretending different groups of people were fighting in a large city made of Logos. Having the buildings knocked over would be as fun as building them.

If I as angry, nothing seemed to please me more than to knock down a tower of Logos. However, I did not like it when someone else knocked them down; it aggravated me. I was very protective of them. They were like piles of gold to me, my treasure. Around the age of five, my family and I went to The Mall of America. It didn’t sound very interesting to me, I just thought it was another mall with a bunch of stores like Marshall Fields and Macy’s, and that we would spend all our time in clothes stores buying what seemed like everything in the mall. I wasn’t even fired up to go.

That was until we hit the Leg store. Leg dinosaurs stood 10 feet high over complex Leg cities that could be wiped out with a kick from my foot! I stayed there for hours, bulging cars that I could slide down the Leg Racetrack. Even the amusement park right next to the store couldn’t get me out of there. It was Leg heaven to me. I seemed perfectly at home. A while after the visit to the Leg Store in The Mall of America, I began building with, smaller, more-detailed and advanced sets. These were a challenge at first, and made me very Impatient.

But I became addicted to them now, and admired the fact that meeting could actually come out of the days of putting the bricks together. With the detailed bricks, my creations began to; looking back at it now, actually look like something. Before, the thing called “cars” were wheels with a bunch of bricks attached. With advanced sets, I learned to shape the cars so that they looked real. There were even sets with cars pieces like a hood or windows, even doors that could I built so many things throughout the time I was “addicted”. Some I enjoyed the most were probably the Kenned rides.

When the box came, I was overcome by all the pieces heaped like sticks. I wasn’t used to building with those, but I was ready to tackle it. Soon I had a swing set fully running, and out of that I made an even bigger Ferris wheel. My family was supposedly awed by them both, and the fact that I thought they loved it filled me with pride. I also built a large Mega Blob Battleship. This was by far one of the best sets of logos I ever had. It looked like a real battleship shrunk to 2 feet long. I spent so much time playing with its little guns, and I also loved the helicopter landing spot for the mini helicopter it came with.

I was always afraid it would break, and perhaps for that reason it ended up breaking 3 or 4 times. Between all this, I would get small boxes with small creations in it, like Binnacles. These were complex-pieced creatures that came in small boxes. Nothing seemed more fun than having them fight each other. I also made a small, brown, camouflaged tank. After all this, when I was 8 or 9 years old and seeming like a Leg expert, I was at a toy store when my mom asked, “Do you want to get another Leg set? “”Yeah! ” I replied.

I had been eager to get another big one after finishing the Battleship. We walked through the building toys section and I saw an amazing, 2005 piece Mega Blob Space Shuttle. It was by far the largest Leg set I saw in a box. It was supposed to stretch 3 feet long, and it could open up and have a telescope come out of it. It even had sound effects with different sayings like, “we’re ready for takeoff. ” I had learned all this Just by reading off the box at the store, and I knew I Just had to have it. “Can l… “Before I finished my sentence, my mom said, “Can you finish it?

That is what you should be asking yourself. I don’t want to buy you something that expensive unless I know you can finish it. “”Of course I can, I’m the best at Logos. ” I had no doubt of finishing it while we took it home. I got to work right away, but I knew from the start that this was going to take much longer than any other Leg I had done before. The pieces piled high and the instructions went on forever. It was the ultimate challenge. The ultimate challenge was a bit too challenging. I grew tired of building the shuttle, and soon gave up on it.

It was too long for me. This began the downfall of my addiction to Logos. Soon, I also began getting tired of rebuilding the battleship over and over again, and the instructions for the rides of Cayenne got lost when our basement flooded. Also, I wasn’t allowed to get any new Leg sets until I “Finished the ones I had. “‘ don’t spend nearly as much time on Logos as I used to. Time that I used to spend sitting in my room building them piece by piece have been replaced by to do at home, a way for me to express myself without words. But that was in the past.

Now, if I had the option of going outside to play a sport like football or soccer or settable, I would most likely choose one of them over sitting down in my house putting the Logos together. The legacy of the structures stays. The Ferris wheel I made still sits in our guest room, and I will always have a desire to go to Legend in California. I still enjoy them, and I will never forget the hours of fun and Joy they gave me. And who knows, maybe one day I will start playing with them again as a rainy day activity. Or I could become an engineer and build all things I had built with Logos, but use real bricks and cement. Google. Compile. Com


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