Philippine Education Essay

Philippine Education BY January The Problems of Philippine Education “Education is the key of success. “This is a cliche quotations that tells about the Importance of education In our society but we only memorize that line without pondering on it. Considering that education that gives an opportunity to reach our aspirations in life and to get to ready for a social responsibility in the community but we don’t mind the fact that we face problems especially our education system here In the Philippines.

A number of knee-jerk reactions as our country adapted the new auricular known as “K+12 Curriculum” in which we consider it as a hurdles and boulders. In fact, as this reform implemented It means that additional years In school imply additional expenses especially to our parents who have to work their magic a little while longer. Though the role of K+12 is for the progress and improvement of the country, our government must consider the reality that poverty Is still present and represents the pandemonium that makes education inaccessible to all.

The issues rose like shortage in classrooms, facilities and other educational materials here It Is a challenge to our country that still has something to work on. Now, that there are supplementary conditions created by K+12, our government should allocate a bigger funding in order to minimize such dilemmas where currently brain drain is experienced by our country due to shortage of teacher. As a result, more and more inefficient and incompetent teachers are being distributed in all parts of the country.

What a concrete resolution in order to solve this predicaments in education is that the government should a bigger budget allocation In education In coordination with Commission On Audit(COCA) so that transparency and accountability must prevail. Also, the government should reach out those community who live in marginalia area and not just focused In cities because total progress In not Just settle In a certain are but also the whole jurisdiction of the country.

Moreover, proper information dissemination about the reform implemented so that there is a clearer understandings among the citizens. Bothersome, the Commission on Higher Education (SHED) should check and revisit the qualifications of competent teachers because I believe that teachers hold the brighter future of the next generation.

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