Philippine Problems Essay

When you look around at Manila’s streets, what do you see? Even not in Manila, in your streets, what do you see? In the news today, what do you hear? Good or Bad News? In our Economy, what is your position? Are you rich, able or poor? In today’s social integration, what is your stand? In the Philippine’s state today, what can you say? In the growth of the country’s problems in every aspect, what can you do? In this essay, I will make my stand. It is said that man cannot live in bread alone.

Man is social person, able to act and socialize with other people. We are able to do good and even bad actions. When you look around Manila’s streets, what do you see? For me I see the problems of our country in every aspect. I see poverty, I see pollution, I see corruption and I see social instability. A person is naturally made good but it doesn’t mean that we stay good. In our country’s streets, I see the good and the bad aspect of a human person. It does not take a second look to open our eyes to the problems our country face.

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Philippine Problems Essay
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Even though, I still have faith and hope to the people that do good in the midst of the situations that force them to do bad things. I salute them. I see poverty; I see it every day I go to school. I see it in different ways. Poverty in different aspects. It is said that poverty is caused by the lack of education or the lack of opportunities given to the people in order to have quality education. It is also said that corruption within the government causes all of this. The roots of our country’s entire problems are brought by the corruption of our government and its officials.

I would agree in a way but not as a whole. Every day when I go to school I see the poverty that others face. I see the people without homes to live in. the people without food to eat. The people that lacks the basic needs to survive the everyday situations of life. I see street children without clothes and homes. I see them in the streets, in the place they see as their playground. They face everyday danger and survival is a fight. My heart cries out every time I see old people that sleep in the streets.

I believe that they should be resting in a better place and should be treated special. When I think of poverty, I sometimes think of Jenny “the professional beggar”. I think of him and how people like them still see the beauty of life even in the midst of their situation. I salute Jenny. He is from Las Pinas, still everyday he goes to Manila and does what he does best for the sake of his nieces and nephews. His sickness is not even a hindrance. It is sad to know he died. Still his legacy will live on. I see pollution.

I see polution every day, from cars, factories, trucks, etc. I see it in every place. I see the trashes that are not thrown properly. I see people who do it and people who try their best to prevent it. I see and experience the consequences that it brings. When someone say climate change is just a theory, I say, “WAKE UP! ” One good example is the Typhoon Ondoy and the devastation it brought to our country. I see corruption. I see it every day and in little ways. Small and big officials, corruption is inevitable. The bad thing is that corruption in a country affects everyone.

If an official does corruption in his country, the people of the country suffer the most. Corruption distracts the balance of the economy. It may do well for the one doing it but it makes life worst for others. They swear to the people with the bible to serve them with truth and honor, they should stand with their words. I see social instability. I see students that graduated and still do not have works. I see employees migrating for the sake of sustaining their family or even searching for greener pastures. I pity the underemployed.

The people who have jobs for the sake of having jobs. They do not deserve what they receive. I pity the country, because of having the best but losing them because they can’t afford them. In the end, in this essay, I challenge everyone who can read this, to make a difference and make a stand. I challenge then to do what is right. To do what is good for the betterment of the whole. I challenge the corrupt officials to open their eyes and their hearts to the situation of the many. To see all the things we experience and try to put their selves in others shoes.


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