Philosophy of Education Essay

Philosophy of Education Education plays a big role in the world today, which is why I believe it is so important. Throughout my time in my education classes at HAS I have heard many different reasons why people want to become a teacher. I’ve heard things like “l want to become a teacher to have summers off’, or “l Just really love kids! ” I believe to become a teacher you have to have far bigger/better reasons than that, because being a teacher really takes a lot of dedication and passion.

As a future educator I know that there will be times in my career where things will et frustrating and difficult, but I also will remember the happiness I get from being a teacher. Seeing a child grow up to be successful is one of the greatest feelings. I want to be able to motivate my students to learn and push them to get a better education. Personally, I think that I favor the romanticism method of teaching more than anything. I believe that students learn best if they have a teacher who will help them and guide them with their work.

That is why I will strive to be a teacher that will go in early or stay late if the student needs it. Students should always be the number one main focus in any lesson. If the student does not understand it then you should not move on, or you should take out extra time to help that individual student out. I want my students to know that I am always there to help. In my opinion I think students would learn better if they know someone is going to be there to guide them. My classroom will be a very diverse and safe environment, because I know that not all my students will be of the same race, gender, etc.

Getting to know the student, their arenas, and more about their background will help me grow as a teacher. It would make me feel like the parents and student would be able to go to me for anything and would trust me. Students learn better if they know more about their surrounding and know that they are in good hands. Parents will also feel better about leaving their child knowing they are in a safe place. I believe that when I become a teacher my students will receive the best education, because I will be a teacher that not only cares about their education, but about them as well.

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Philosophy of Education Essay
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