Philosophy of Education Essay

Philosophy of Education My philosophy of education is that we as adults should be the best role models in education, and life that we can possibly be. A child’s zone of proximal development is based primarily upon the difference between what a child can already do alone and what he or she can do with assistance from a more competent person (May & Richard, 2002). Children are dependent upon older individuals to teach them the ways of the world so that they can be successful adults “in their true”.

Teachers must believe that each student has the ability to learn, and approach every school year with a commitment to each student’s academic success. Therefore this is my goal as a teacher to enhance the success of every child that comes my way. Whether is morally or academically. Children are like an empty vial they Just need to be filled with knowledge, and all of life treasures the world has to offer. In addition, each student enters the classroom with unique interests to nourish, informational gaps to fill, values to strengthen, curiosities to satisfy, and dreams to inspire.

As teachers we must welcome these diversities and create a classroom atmosphere permeated with optimism and enthusiasm that encourages students to reach their highest potential. I believe that a warm and well-structured environment created with Joy and learning enhances student’s chances of being successful in instruction. In addition, as a teacher you must make your students feel welcome, whether Its class participation or sharing new Ideas, It Is also an essential element In the education of others.

I also believe that a teacher’s role Is not only to be a guide and a source of Information for the student’s, but also to be committed example of good moral character, honesty, and Integrity. The teacher must create a level of trust amongst her student’s. This will create a level of comfort In helping the student’s come to you with their Issues. Which may then lead to you assisting them and enhancing their overall self.

As teachers we must also foster positive relationships with each student. And lastly teachers must make unwavering commitment to ensure that each student’s leaves the school with the knowledge, and skills to continue learning. In addition, teachers should strive to provide them with the confidence to become effective citizens within every changing society. Reticence May, F. B. & Richard, L. , (2002). Reading as Communication. 6th Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill Prentice Hall.

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