Philosophy Of Education Essay

Philosophy Of Education BY Harrison Philosophy of Education Paper All throughout high school counselors, deans, and even certain teachers always enforced that one daddy as students would need to choose a career path once we graduated and carried on to college. I never really knew exactly what I wanted to do as far as a career until the end of my senior year of high school. I came to the realization that I wanted to go into the field of education; I wanted to teach. I liked the idea of teaching because I find delight in helping others, mainly children and rearing them Into better people. Engendering going Into Education, I would Like to teach around the Elementary level preferably second grade. I imagine obtaining a traditional classroom of students being taught general educational subjects In order to prepare them for the next level. As a teacher I would want nothing but the best for my students. I would want students to feel warmth and security when inside the classroom. I picture my classroom to be setup with bright colors, world maps, and historical events, a reading area. Toy animals. Gig colorful alphabet letters, funny strictures, play mat area, scabies, and desk connected into groups so students wouldn’t feel Isolated or forsaken, Even so, with all the excitement I plan to have around my class, students would still accomplish the basic fundamentals of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Language Arts. Once I achieve the position of becoming a teacher I believe students work best when interacting and engaging with one another. My major teaching method would be having students interact in classroom discussions as a way of enhancing learning.

The way I’d go about Interacting with dents will not be through dictation. As the teacher, I would consider myself to be the leader of my students rather than Just an ordinary teacher. As the leader my main objective would be to bring subjects to surface and have open discussions which would Involve the students and l. Every lesson taught will be where students could confidently speak their own opinions and ideas involving the specific topic of discussion. This strategy would make class and learning fun for the students. Asking it easier for them to comprehend material, rather than I standing before them and suturing every subject of the day, However, seeing as though my class would be second graders, some may say it’ll be difficult to have such a teaching method as far as open discussions with them. In essence, I can guarantee my students will be manageable in doing such activity because I am a firm believer of no matter the age group, if an individual finds something interesting to them that grasp there attention It’ll be fairly easy to engage them In any discussion.

Therefore, when Involving my second grade group, plan to make all discussions educational yet fun enough in order to maintain students’ attention. Furthermore, having the teaching method involving open discussion, diversity needs to be addressed among the class. Addressing diversity within a classroom could be a fairly sensitive topic because It could rather easily offend a student. Seeing as though a diverse classroom is a 1 OFF mixture AT age, gender, culture, race, Ana etc. You never Know winnow Is salsa may make and individual feel.

Hypothetically speaking, since my group of students would be adequately young, I know anything could likely get them upset and/or hurt their linings. To avoid this type of frustration in students, I think allowing them the opportunity to learn more about one another’s culture, race, and heritage will later on help them understand each other within the classroom. Students will be able to engage in classroom activities that addresses other racial and cultural awareness rather than Just their own.

For example; a Hispanic student may be asked to bring in a CD with the type of music his or her family enjoys listening to the most and a Philippine student may be asked to bring in foods of such which his or her family encounters. Moreover though, students will all appoint different topics of diversity but will understand that although we as a class are all in some way different, we are also the same in similar ways which is trying to obtain the same goal of progression.

Regarding to interactions amongst students and within myself, I find it very important to interact and involve students’ parents/guardians as well. It is important to know exactly how a child is being managed outside the classroom for that effect could have a major effect upon the students within the classroom. In order to engage in such relation however, I would set up my own personal opportunities for students’ parents to come within the class for conferences on a weekly basis to get to know me face to face and how their child is developing in class rather than Just through electronic email all the time.

This would open up opportunities and doors for me, as the teacher to firmly show my agony for teaching and give parents the feel of how I got about learning education. I feel it is Just as important for parents to be involved as it is for students. With this idea of setting up personal conferences with parents, it can also allow me to brush other ideas of how they can get even more involved with their child’s education.

I would like to set up events where both students and parents are invited to do things together on school days and even weekends to further develop education, help better the environment, and communities. This strategy of having parents come out and show support during conferences and weekly/weekend activities will become a helpful resource of keeping the students on track because he’ll be aware of their parents’ visitations and it’ll encourage them to not only continue their progression but exceed more with their progression.

In summarization though, with all my strategically ideas in details listed above as far as the way I’ll go about my philosophy of education and teaching; I will assure you I would be much different from many of the educators out there in the fields of education. I will reassure my teaching method will strongly develop and enhance each and every student I encounter throughout my profession of teaching education.

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