Philosophy of PE

A good quality Physical Education person should facilitate the process of people becoming physically active and live a longer and healthy life. Physical educators come in many different forms like, teachers, coaches, and even trainers for a gym. Physical education has had many different kinds of educators in its time, but the one that impressed me the most was Dr. Hetherington. Dr. Hetherington was the father of modern physical education. His philosophy was that exercise and recreation should be as necessary as mathematics and English.

Our nation today is one of the most out of shape nations in the world today and that is something that we need to work on. (Nov. 11, 1999-Health Mag. ) Physical education teachers should follow the four main objectives, 1) motivate kids into playing sports and having fun while doing it. 2) Help them understand the importance in being physically fit. 3) Let them know that physical education is an important part of an educational curriculum. 4) Tell kids that they dont have to be athletic to be physically active. The main point in my philosophy is motivation.

In this day and age, kids really arent that motivated to participate in any physical activities. One of the problems with todays Physical education teachers is that they fail to do what I see as obvious steps in encouraging kids to participate. They arent actively recruiting kids to join a sport, or putting posters on the wall and trying to motivate them into joining. Today, physical education and sports are at an all time low, just because lack of motivation.

This is one reason why the United States population is so out of shape. Many of our school age kids dont understand what it would be like to be in top hysical shape. With the lack of peer support because of low participation, the decline of physical activity has become the main contributor to the United States having the top obesity rate in the world today. If our kids are taught not to follow in their predecessors footsteps, and have good motivational physical education teachers that will teach what is good physical shape and what is not good physical shape, we can turn the momentum in the right direction. There are other reasons why to motivate kids into being physically fit.

For instance, being physically fit can help you maintain good health, and keep out of trouble. . The education programs depend heavily on the teachers commitment on the daily programs, and the support they receive for their work from within the school system and from the community. Today we see greater emphasis on the general school courses like math, English, and reading. Physical education is important too because it provides a laboratory for students to use information they learned courses like physics and concerns such as laws of motion, forces, levers, and mechanics.

One of the products of a good physical education and sports program, is the contribution to students physical, intellectual, and social emotional development Some kids think to be playing a sport and participating in PE class, that you have to be a jock or a skilled athlete. This is not necessary not true, because to be physically active is to go out and take a jog or go out and play catch with a football. It seems that kids with no athletic ability do not have the interest or desire to be physically active.

There was a story told by my football coach to the football team, he told us about a man named Michael Jordan that got cut from his high school basketball team his freshman year and now he is the best basketball player to ever step on the court. Mike really wasnt a big jock, but he went out there and put his heart into basketball, and that I think is what kids arent doing today. My goal in life is to graduate from college and an inspirational PE teacher. In order to accomplish this goal and social environments that enable young athletes to enjoy physical activities.

I would also like to encourage young athletes to participate in sports, not just because you are good at them, but because physical education is beneficial for everyones Health. I hope that I have influenced everyone that has read my paper, how important I think physical education is to me and to everyone else. We, as all people need to take a larger look around and notice how important physical education really is to our society. To wrap things up I would like to mention motivation. Motivation describes me, and the


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