Philosophy: to Be Rich or Happy Sample Essay

We’ve all been asked the cockamamie inquiry. “Would you instead be rich or would you instead be happy? ” In my sentiment. this inquiry can’t perchance be a one-or-the-other reply. I strongly believe that although money is non the significance of felicity and life. wealth is the lone cardinal constituent that ensures your ability to populate an easier life finally taking to a happy 1. What is an easy life? We all want to be content with our lives and although harmonizing to Socrates. each person’s thought of a good life is subjective. each individual portions the deep desire to be happy. An easy life is one where felicity is readily available for a individual. No mater the fluctuation of felicity between being merely content with your life or holding a passion and exhilaration for your life. money and wealth aids make felicity attainable. My primary statement begins with how money and wealth makes life easier. This is proved physically. mentally. spiritually. and emotionally. Let’s expression at the life of 63 twelvemonth old. Larry. He is a affluent adult male who enjoys golf. Jack & A ; Coke. his kids. and UT football. Because Larry is affluent he lives a happy life because he is able to fulfill his wants.

Now some might rebuttal this statement with. “No. Larry’s kids are responsible for the joy in his life. “ or. “Larry’s avocations make him happy. ” Well. let’s start with wealth on the physical facet of life. It would be difficult to contradict that without physical wellbeing the mental. societal. and social facets of felicity would count. Still believing about affluent Larry. his life is made easier physically because of his money. Seven old ages ago Larry’s female parent was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung malignant neoplastic disease. The physicians gave her the option of traveling through intervention. but said her opportunities of endurance were minute. After hearing a physician say this. Larry looked up the best intervention installations hosting some of the most successful physicians. Larry’s female parent is still alive today because of the great intervention she received. Without Larry’s money to fund her intervention. the opportunities of her being alive wouldn’t be great. The same rule of holding the agency to take attention of Larry’s loved one goes for himself. excessively. If he develops the grippe. a virus. or a skin malignant neoplastic disease. he can afford the medical specialty and action taken needed to last and stay healthy. A affluent individual can afford better nutrient rich in foods meant for prolonging wellness. If a individual isn’t healthy. they either A ) won’t survive or B ) will fight through life and their felicity will decrease. With the agencies to remain healthy. wealth makes life easier physically.

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Philosophy: to Be Rich or Happy Sample Essay
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In today’s of all time turning society. wealth makes life easier. Larry has worked all of his life in order to gain his money ; nevertheless. his parents’ wealth funded his college instruction therefore doing his life easier when obtaining a occupation after college. Because he didn’t have pupil loans to pay back. he was able to get down salvaging his money right when he began working. Now because he has a good occupation. he is able to pay his mortgage. his measures. and disbursals without issue. If he. like many. hadn’t gone to college he would’ve struggled happening a good occupation. He would so hold a changeless emphasis about affording the things he wanted and needed hence doing his life unhappy and nerve-racking. He would invariably be worrying about what his kids might believe of him if he couldn’t aid pay for their instruction or their Christmas nowadayss or even pay the measures to hold hot H2O. Wealth in society is a demand in order to be content because without it. a person’s concerns will overmaster their ability to be happy. Mental felicity is about as hard to explicate. as it is to understand ; nevertheless. wealth in a person’s life can do mental felicity easier to obtain. In nature. we all want to be cared for.

In some signifier. money makes this easier obtained. Because you have are less bemused with ideas about emphasis over money. you are more emotionally available for your spouse. You can take attention of that person’s jobs if you don’t hold your ain money issues. For illustration. while Larry’s female parent battled malignant neoplastic disease. he was able to back up her mentally because he wasn’t worried about how he was traveling to afford her intervention. Wealth can do you less distracted. hence doing you more available to happen a comrade whom will finally do you go on. With a balance of holding the chances and clip to their enjoy avocations. disputing their head with a good instruction and occupation. and non being preoccupied with pecuniary issues disabling them from a good relationship. money and wealth can do a person’s life easier finally doing happiness come-at-able. For people. like Larry. although money does non equal felicity. it acts as the gasolene to the vehicle of felicity. Without it a individual may be able to see felicity. like how society is seeking for alternate fuels for vehicles. but with it. their journey to happening the true significance of what makes them happy is easier.


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