PHL 2560 Reasoning Exercise #4 Essay

1. What speci?c techniques were used to convey about the devastation of self-awareness among the captives?

The prison cantonment used societal disaffection techniques to convey about the devastation of self-awareness among the captives. They treated each captive like animate beings and did non admit them as human existences. The ability to provide to basic human maps as we do was taken off. This debasement broke the captives down and stripped them of their personal traits. This sort of intervention worked good in a group-style scene with other captives sing the same type of anguish.

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PHL 2560 Reasoning Exercise #4 Essay
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2. What opposite procedures could be used to make the contrary procedure. that is. a strengthening of the self-concept?

By authorising the alone single traits we all possess. we in bend strengthen the self-concept. Promote people to set their best work out at that place and acknowledging single strengths that make a strong squad about unstoppable. All of those things make the self-concept crystal clear.

3. Assume that you are charged with the orientation of a cohort of new directors in your organisation. How would you assist them understand their ain strengths and dispositions and how they could outdo contribute to the ?rm?

My overall end would be to demo them that “teams work” based on diverse traits and endowments. An of import first measure would be to assist the group identify the strengths and endowments each person holds. and besides show that one person’s strength may non be present in another. That’s why working together is non merely critical for personal success and growing. but benefits the company as a whole.


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