Photosyntheis and cellular respiration

Which organism carries out autotrophic nutrition?
Certain organisms are able to store energy from the sun in energy rich compounds which event best illustrates this activity?
lettuce produces organic substances
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Photosyntheis and cellular respiration
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The use of CO2 and H2O by a geranium plant to synthesize glucose illustrates the process of
autotrophic nutrition
In the transfer of energy from the sun to ecosystems which molecule is one of the first to store this energy?
Which process is directly used by autotrophs to store energy in glucose?
Which process produces the greatest quantity of ATP per molecule of glucose oxidized?
Aerobic respiration
The energy used to obtain, transfer, and transport materials within an organism comes directly from
The temporary storage of energy in ATP molecules is part of which process?
Cellular respiration
The presence of which organelles would identify a cell as a plant cell?
there are arrows pointing out of a mitochondrion, base your answer to the following question on the diagram below the real ease of what substance is represented by the arrows?
Carbon Dioxide
Which term best defines a bacteria that can survive without oxygen?
the production of alcohol by yeast cells is the result of
What process may cause lactic acid to form?
anaerobic respiration
Where do the light-dependent reactions take place?
in the thylakoid membranes
The calvin cycle takes place in the
A total of 36 molecules of ATP are produced from 1 molecule of glucose as a result of
cellular respiration
Because fermentation takes place in the absence of oxygen it is said to be
Cellular respiration is called an aerobic process because it requires
Unlike photosynthesis cellular respirations occurs in
both plant and animal cells
during photosynthesis which organelle is that?
which molecule after photosynthesis leads to what
What is released after photosynthesis
what is one energy rich molecule that is produced by this process?
where does photosynthesis occur?

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