plant cells
What type of cells contain chloroplasts?
What is the energy Autotrophs use to make their own food?
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carbon dioxide & water
What are the raw materials for Photosynthesis?
What simple suger is produced for Photosynthesis?
carbon dioxide
What gas is USED?
What gas is RELEASED?
Where are the most photosynthetic cells in plants found?
About how many chloroplasts can be found in photosynthetic cells?
How many membranes surround a chloroplast?
The outter membrane is?
the INDIVIDUAL SACS formed by the inner membrane are called?
in stacks
Thylakoids are arranged how?
chlorophyll & green
What pigment is found inside a thylakoid & what color?
Accessory Pigments
Other pigments that trap sunlight are called?
yellow, red, orange, & brown
What colors are the Accessory Pigments?
Stacks of thylakoids are called?
Stacks or grana are connected to each other by?
The burn/break bonds of glucose to release the chemical energy
Why are Mitochondria called the Powerhouse of the cell?
Aerobic Respiration
What cell process occurs in the Mitochondria?
Some cells are more active Ex: Muscle Cells
Why do some cells have MORE mitochondria? Give an example.
What simple sugar is broken down in the Mitochondria?
the sun
Where does the energy in glucose come from ORIGINALLY?
chemical bonds
Where is the energy stored in glucose?
it requires oxygen
Why is cellular respiration an Aerobic Process?
What energy is relased when the chemical bonds of glucose are broken?
nucleus & chloroplast
Name two other organelles besides the Mitochondria that contain DNA and have a double membrane
to increase surface area
Why is the inner mitochondrial membrane folded?
What are the folds called?
Adenosine Triphosphate
What does ATP stand for?
nitrogen-containing base, sugar, and phosphate
What three main things make up an ATP molecule?
How many high-energy bonds does ATP contain?
Where are the high-energy bonds found in ATP?
What helps weaken high-energy bonds so energy can be released and then later help reform them?
energy & ADP
What is released when ATP loses a phosphate group? What forms?
What is the energy molecule of a cell called?
chemical bonds
What macromolecule made by plants is “burned” in the Mitochondria?
Where is chlorophyll found in the chloroplast?
In which part of a plant would you expect to find the most chloroplasts?
CO2 & O2
What are the raw materials for photosynthesis?
What product of photosynthesis is used in cellular respiration?
to increase surface area
What is an advantage of having a folded inner membrane in the Mitochondria?
What is the energy for Photosynthesis?
accessory pigments
Besides chlorophyll, what other pigments are found in the chloroplasts?
glucose & oxygen
Carbon Dioxide & Water combine to produce what?

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