Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

process in which plants use the sun’s energy to make food in the form of carbohydrates.
Definition of Photosynthesis?
Sugars and starches
What are some carbohydrates?
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Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
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CO2+H2O+light > C2H12O2
Unbalanced equation for photosynthesis?
chemical formula for glucose?
What side are reactants on?
What side are products on?
Balanced equation for photosynthesis?
Organisms that use the sun’s energy directly to make food
What is an autotroph?
Organisms that cannot use the sun’s energy directly to make food, have to get energy from food.
What is an heterotroph?
Colored substances that reflect light
What are pigments?
What is an example of a pigment?
Where does photosynthesis take place?
The plant converts the sun’s energy into chemical energy
What happens in the chloroplasts?
What are the energy storing compounds in plants?
Active transport and muscle contraction
What are ATP and NADPH energy used for?
Cellular respiration
What is opposite of photosynthesis?
It uses oxygen.
What does aerobic mean?
The process that releases energy from glucose.
What is cellular respiration?
What is the equation for cellular respiration?
The mitochondria.
Where does cellular respiration take place?
Energy storing compound
What is an ATP?
Breaking down food to release energy.
Another way of saying what cellular respiration is?

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