Phylum Cnidaria

All diploblasts and triploblasts have
Parazoans and triploblasts
Cnidarians represent a stepping stone between
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Phylum Cnidaria
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Cnidarians are the first to have a true
Class Anthozoa, Scyphozoa, Cubozoa, Hydrozoa
4 classes in Cnidarians?
Class Scyphozoa are typical __ jellies
Class Cubozoa are typical __ jellies
basal lamina
Epithelia is marked with
Connective, muscles, nervous
Cnidarians don’t have these tissues?
prevents leakage
Epithelia __ __ from adjacent cells
Epithelia’s main job?
basal lamina, apical ends, junctions
3 parts of an epithelium?
tight, desmosomes, gap
3 types of junctions?
Stop passage
Tight junction function?
makes skeleton for cell
Desmosome junction function?
hairy and extracellular
Desmosome characteristics?
Inner epithelium is also called?
Gastrodermis is derived from?
Outer epithelium is also called?
Epidermis is derived from?
Basal lamina
The gastrodermis and epidermis both have?
What is in between gastrodermis and epidermis?
Number of layers and cell shape
The classification of the epithelia is based off what two things?
One layer of epithelia?
Two or more layers of epithelia?
One layer of different heights of epithelia?
square shape of cells of epithelia?
tall shape of cells of epithelia?
flat shape of cells of epithelia?
9, 5
There are a total of __ types possible for epithelium but only __ are common
active transport of large particles
Simple columnar epithelium function?
lining of gut, phagocytosis
Simple columnar epithelium examples, eg?
active transport of medium to large molecules
Simple cuboidal epithelium function?
liver cells, kidney (in lab)
Simple cuboidal epithelium 2 examples?
diffusion of very small molecules
Simple squamous epithelium function?
lining of blood vessels and lungs, where gas exchange takes place
Simple squamous epithelium examples?
oxygen, carbon dioxide
Simple squamous epithelium eg?
Protection from abrasion, desiccation
Stratified squamous epithelium function?
epidermis, lining of mouth, anus and vagina
stratified squamous epithelium examples?
die, tough and waterproof, dead
In stratified squamous epithelium, cells __ and secrete proteins that are __ and __ with a top __ layer
allows expansion of organ
pseudostratified columnar epithelium function
urinary bladder
Pseudostratified columnar epithelium examples?
basal lamina
A __ __ can spread out but stay intact
Anth- in anthozoa means
Scyph- in scyphozoa means
Cub- in cubozoa means
sea monster, water
Hydr- in hydrozoa means
What is the most populated class of cnidarians?
7000, 70%
Anthozoan species? %?
2700, 27%
Hydrozoan species? %?
190, 2%
Scyphozoa species? %?
10, 1%
Cubozoa species? %?
cnidocytes, nematocysts, medusa or polyp stages, diploblastic with mesoglea, epitheliomusclar cells, planula larva
Synapomorphies of Cnidarians? 6
Scyphozoa, Cubozoa, Hydrozoa
Which class has cnidocytes on tentacles only?
septae (mesenteries) in gut, siphonoglyph, hexa or octoradial symmetry
Anthozoa synapomorphies?
strobilation, oral arms
Scyphozoa synapomorphies?
tetrahedral body, cytolytic venom
Cubozoa synapomorphies?
No septae, medusa with velum
Hydrozoa synapomorphies?
Cubozoa, Scyphozoa
Which classes have dominant medusa form?
Anthozoa, Hydrozoa
Which classes have dominant polyp form?
sexually with gametes
In medusa, reproduction is done
asexually with budding
In polyp, reproduction is done
Mesoglea is like a __ __ balloon
umbrella contraction
Mesoglea is an antagonist to
Planula larva is only seen in
sea anemones and coral
Anthozoa is commonly
mouth, ciliated, debris, gastrovascular
Siphoonoglyph is a series of groups by __ that are __ grooves to get rid of __ in __ cavity that predators kick in
solitary (corals) or colonial and many are hermatypic
Characteristics of anthozoans?
skeleton made out of calcium carbonate
What is hermatypic?
Marine only
Anthozoan habitat?
sea anemones and stony corals
Hexacorals include..
pedal disk
Anthozoan attachment point?
Metridium farcimen
Anthozoan species?
coral bleaching that leaves behind hard skeleton only
What is the huge problem with coral?
Dinoflagellates (zooxanthillae)
What protist gives coral their color and has a mutualistic relation?
bombing, strychnine
Some people __ or __ poisoning into coral reefs to get food
Fraction of corals dying?
Aurelia aurita
Scyphozoa species?
Scyphozoa are __ only, never in a cluster
Marine only
Scyphozoa habitat?
Chironex fleckeri
Cubozoa species?
Cubozoa also are __ only
marine only
Cubozoa habitat?
Irukandji jellyfish, Cubozoa
One of the top 10 deadliest animals? which belongs in what class?
sends you in shock and then drown
The killer jellyfish, irukandji, does what?
vinegar, pee, scar forever
What could help a sting made by cubozoa jellyfish? Scar?
Hydra canadensis, Physalia physalis
Hydrozoa species? 2
solitary, colonial
Hydrozoa characteristics.. __ or __
Most marine, some fresh water
Hydrozoa habitat?
Increases rate of speed, jet propulsion
What does the velum do in Hydrozoa?
Physalia physalis
What species of hydrozoa is a specialized colonial one?
floating, carbon monoxide
pneumatocyst is responsible for __, pumps with..
Gonozooid is responsible for?
Dactylozooid is responsible for?
Gastrozooid is responsible for?
portugese man of war
Physalia physalis is also commonly named?
Integumentary system of Cnidarians has __ grade organization
hydrostatic, mesoglea
Skeletal system of cnidarians has a __ skeleton with a __, which is important an medusa for locomotion
absent, epitheliomuscular cells
Muscular system of cnidarians is __ but there is a from of contraction by __ __
incomplete, anus, gastrodermis
Digestive system of Cnidarians has an __ gut with no __ but a __
septae, increasing surface are for absorption
Anthozoans have __ to aid with digestive system by..
breathing through skin
Respiratory system of Cnidarians is done by
Circulatory system of Cnidarians is
absent, ammonic
Excretory system of Cnidarians is __ and since they live in water, they are __
sexual or asexual
Reproductive system of Cnidarians can be __ or __
In sexual reproduction, it is done by
dioecious, monoecious
Most species are __ and some are __
gamete, zygote, planula larva, growing polyp ( asexually into) medusa
Basic life cycle of medusa in class hydrozoa, anthozoa, and cubozoa?
gamete, zygote, planula larva, scyphostoma, strobila, ephrya, medusa
basic life cycle of medusa in class scyphozoa?
hydranth, gonangia/gonozooid
Ending medusa from life cycle of hydrozoa, anthozoa, and cubozoa has a __ and __
Asexual reproduction is done in __ form
budding, fragmentation, or regeneration
Asexual reproduction is done by?
Budding is
fission, equal
fragmentation is
pedal laceration- takes a hit and cells left behind make a new individual
regeneration is
In asexual reproduction, result is the same but __ is different
hair cell, statolith
Statocyst of the nervous system contains __ __ and a __
gravity, neurons that pass along body
A statolith falls to __ from
primitive, see light and dark (predator shadow)
Ocellus of the nervous system contains __ eyes that do what?
image forming, iris, lens
Cubozoans often have __ __ eyes with an __ and __
Chironex fleckeri, pupil, muscular iris, lens, retina
The box jellyfish, __ __, has a eye relative complex with.. to hunt prey

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