Physical Education Essay

How do you handle discipline problems? 1 1 . What Is your role as a movement educator? 2. How are you supported by your school? 13. How do you motivate students who do not actively participate? 14. How has physical education changed In the last 10 years? How do you think it will change in the future? 15. Why is physical education important in the elementary curriculum? 16. What issues dowdy face securing the resources and materials you need? How do you resolve them? 17. If you had a limited amount of time to teach students, what are the most important topics you would deliver? 18.

How do you encourage competitive sports, good sportsmanship, losing well, winning graciously, waiting their turn, and other social benefits of physical education to students? 19. Where does most of your instruction take place (indoors / outdoors)? If outside, how do you deal with inclement weather (extreme heat / cold. Rain… )? 20. Describe the best lesson you have taught to students This could be something that either you or the students really enjoyed or just whatever you consider your strongest lesson to be.

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Physical Education Essay
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