Physical Education Teacher Essay

Physical Education Teacher “As the time came, I started to ponder. What could I possibly do five days a week, year-round, and not get bored with It. ” As her hands were flipping she said, “My brain was rushing with thoughts and ideas. ” It then hit me, choose something you love doing. Be something you’re good at and perfect it. Never slack. At this moment what I love doing most is playing sports and working out. With that being said, what better job than a physical education teacher? Five days a week, weekends off, holidays off, and two entire months off, what a better Job? Looking like a skeleton, I can see where he’s going with this. She was a sophisticated looking woman, with dark skin, but not gloomy. As she talked about her job her eyes lit up like stars in the sky. It was obvious she loved her job, and wouldn’t choose be anywhere else. The students moved on to new activities or sports every other week. The students were respectful, and disciplined very well. They were also cooperative and seemed to love the activities they had to participate in. Some activities included: basketball, soccer, hockey, badminton, table tennis (ping pong), and other teamwork Involving actively.

She taught all of the students how to SE teamwork. And inspired many people to engage in sports. Some people who never even thought about playing sports before, played soccer because she opened up her own soccer team. She was the teacher of the year. This interested me even more. Maybe I could visit her class a few times a month and learn how she does it. She Inspires great admiration, and teaches more than Just sport skills. She also teaches about ways of life and leadership skills. I hope to be as good of a teacher as she Is one day. After asking how she does It so easily she replied, must love your job, and do your best at it. There was one class that I will never forget,” she said. “A young boy around the age of 11 was In my class, and he had autism. After the first day of class I knew that this wouldn’t be good,” she said. “l just knew the other kids in the class were going to pick on him and give him a hard time. As the days went on, I started to realize that these were the most heart felt kids. ” She repeated several times, “they just took him right under their wings and coached him In. The other students In class were tender hearted and shocked me as well. ” I was completely amazed that kids this age would to be bullying this other kid. As the year went on I didn’t make him such an outcast, and that helped. ” She said, “l made the kids see him as one of them he just needed to be coached a little more. ” After hearing this, I was completely sold. How awesome would that be to work with kids In that way? She then said, “Oh my god! I have got to tell you this story! ” “l was doing an actively with my class one day, and the funniest thing happened. We were outside on the football field and I was teaching my students some of the main fundamentals of football. After the lesson I let them get on the field and run a few plays.

Well needless to say one of my kids nearly went to the hospital. The boy was really hurt, I was so scared of what would happen to him, and I didn’t know if I should call his parent Immediately or wait for him to go to the nurse. Two boys were of course acting up, Ana teen were playing no attention to want could napped. One CIO tenet ten Dally to another and BAM! He ran right into the field goal post. All the kids ran over to him and being the tough kid that he was he Jumped right up onto his feet laughing. ” I Just knew what was going to happen from the beginning of her story, but I still got a good ugh out of it.

She says, “l felt much relieved after the boy Jumped up laughing. ” “l could have gotten into trouble,” she states. With that being said, I think teaching has its ups and downs, but is all around a good Job. It has good benefits, and to me an awesome schedule. The pay isn’t too high, but other things make up for it. Later in life when I have kids I will have the same schedule as them and it will benefit me as well. Vive played softball, basketball, soccer, tennis, and volleyball all of my life and throughout school. I couldn’t think of a better Job for myself.

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