Physical Fitness Test Essay

Research Strategy and Design The researchers will be using the descriptive strategy to study the facts derived from the research. The researchers will be using the descriptive strategy in order to ascertain prevailing conditions and to give qualitative and quantitative description. This strategy is intended to answer questions about the current state of the problem the researchers are studying and the individuals involve. The researchers will also be describing each factor that contributes to physical deficiency of cadets.

The researcher’s concern is not the relationship between these factors and the cadets but of the description and elaboration of these factors. On the other hand, the researchers will be using the survey research design to give a qualitative and quantitative description of the problem. The survey research design will be a fact finding study with accurate and adequate interpretation, (Calderon and Gonzales, 2007). This would help the researchers to gather data needed in the study in order to have a precise data for the researcher’s analysis.

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This will also provide a clear and accurate picture of the individual being studied. Population and Locale of the Study The total population of the study will be cadets of the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP) composed of firstclass, secondclass, thirdclass and fourthclass cadets. The place of the study will be at the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine Military Academy, Fort del Pilar, Baguio City. The researchers will use the stratified random sampling in order to determine the number of respondents since the population totaled to 875 cadets.

This method will yield the manageable sample that will be studied and be taken respondents. The researchers will use this sampling technique because the participants are randomly selected from the different classes in the CCAFP. The researchers will be using the Slovin’s Formula as statistical tool in getting the total sample of the respondents. Slovin’s Formula: n= ( N / (1 + Ne? ) ) in which: n= the size of the sample N= the size of the population e= the margin of error Computation: n= ( N / (1 + Ne? ) ) ( 875 / 1 + (875 ? 0. 10? ) ) = 89. 74 or 90 cadets There would be a total of 90 cadets that are needed to accomplish the study. The researchers will get 23 respondents for the firstclass and seconclass cadets and 22 respondents for the thirdclass and fourthclass cadets. Statistical Treatment of Data Statistical treatment gives meaning and interpretation to data (Calderon and Gonzales, 2007). Without it, the data gathered cannot be associated to give answers to the problems posed in the research study.

In order to arrive at precise analysis and interpretation of the results, the proponents will be utilizing different tools in treating the data. In the study, the researchers will be making use of the weighted mean to determine the extent of the factors that contribute to the deficiency of the cadets in Physical Fitness Test. In the second part of the questionnaire and 1st and 2nd specific statement of the problem, the weighted mean will be calculated using the following formula: ?fx X = ______ ?f

Where: X = weighted arithmetic mean ?fx = sum of all products of f and x; where f is the frequency and x is the weight of each option ? f = sum of all subjects The obtained answer will be rounded off to the nearest whole number and whatever value obtained corresponds to the characteristic given by the scale. The profile of the respondents will be treated using percentage distribution. The researchers will then be able to assess the respondents or the population in general. In order to find a ignificant difference in the responses from the different age, class, Body Mass Index (BMI) and sex, the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is employed. This statistical tool will test the hypothesis that there is a significant difference in the: 1. Responses of the cadets belonging to an age bracket. 2. Responses of the cadets belonging to different class. 3. Responses of the cadets having different Body Mass Index (BMI). 4. Responses of the cadets having different sex. The formula for the Analysis of Variance will be given by: F = MS MSe Where : MS = Mean square MSe = Mean square error


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