Physics Essay

Total Momentum Final -50 99. 99 5 8 10 Questions and Conclusion: 1 . Based on your observations of the 4 collisions, describe the physical difference between elastic and inelastic collisions. In an elastic collision all kinetic energy of the bodies colliding before the collision remains after the collision and none is converted into noise, or any other form of energy. In the real everyday world all collisions are inelastic and it is merely a matter of extent. 2.

How are you able to determine if conservation of momentum occurs in each of both objects before collisions after the collisions. Your two vectors should be equal. 3. Write a complete conclusion for this lab. My purpose for this lab was to explore conservation of momentum in a lab setting. What I learned from doing this lab was how to find the elastic and inelastic collision between carts of equal masses. Some of the mistakes that could have occurred was maybe the measurements was not right.

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Physics Essay
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