Physics Application Letter Essay

I have long been fascinated by the workings of the universe and how the complexity of the natural phenomena around us can be explained by the use of mathematical theories. It is this combination of solving mathematical problems and applying them in real-world situations that makes Physics stand out from the other sciences. From the history of the universe, to the properties of particles at a subatomic level, the relevance and logic behind the subject is what made me decide to choose to study Physics at a degree level.

Although I was born in England, I was raised and educated in Singapore. I have benefited from the rigorous education system there and received a strong background in the areas of Science and Mathematics. Physics and Mathematics were my strongest subjects in school, but I went on to pursue a business management diploma. From that, I learned to be more numerate, analytical and to think both logically and creatively to solve problems. These practical skills will be useful in my pursuit of a degree in Physics. Apart from my interest in Physics, I am a keen sportsman and musician.

I play sports both in and out of school, having represented my secondary school basketball team for 4 years. In addition, I have been playing the drums from the age of 9 and have performed numerous times around Southeast Asia including Manila and Koala Lump. I am in the process of completing a diploma in Music at Tech Music School in London. I believe my interest in Music is a further manifestation of my fascination with Physics. I am bilingual. I speak and write Chinese fluently, having studied the language for most of my life.

I also did my national service for 2 years in the Singapore Armed Forces, achieving the rank of Sergeant in the Guards unit, where I was trained as a combat medic Taking this degree in Physics would open many doors for me into fields of research and equip me with the tools to further enhance our modern society. It is with this in mind that I have now decided to get back into the academic strive of things and pursue a degree that is not only compelling and challenging, but relevant and applicable to life and the world we live in.

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Physics Application Letter Essay
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