Physics Chapter 5

there must also be a corresponding reaction force
To say there is no such thing as only one force means
unless the wall simultaneously exerts the same amount of force on you
You cannot exert a force on a wall
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Physics Chapter 5
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When you drop a rubber ball on the floor it bounces back. The force exerted on the ball to produce bouncing is by the
Exert on the boxer’s fist
When a boxer hits a punching bag, the strength of his punch depends on how much force the bag can
A piece of rope is pulled by two people in a tug-of-war. Each exerts a 400-N force. What is the tension in the rope
The ground
The winner in a tug-o-war exerts the greatest force on
D) All of the Above
When a skateboarder pushes on a wall
pushes you to the right
When you walk, you push on the floor to the left and the floor
Always act simultaneously
Action and reaction pairs of forces
is equal in magnitude
For every action force, there must be a reaction force that
Arrows pushing against the bowstring
An archer shoots an arrow. Consider the action force to be the bowstring against the arrow. The reaction to this force is the
The force that accelerates the orange and apple system featured in your textbook is actually supplied by the
must be a net force on the system
To produce an acceleration to a system there
helicopter blades and the air
The lift experienced by a helicopter involves an action-reaction pair of forces between the
1000 N
When a baseball player bats a ball with a force of 1000 N, the reaction force that the ball exerts against the bat is
The force exerted on the tires of a car that directly accelerates it along the road is exerted by the
Only the force due to gravity acts on it
Neglecting air resistance, once a tossed ball leaves your hand
greater on the automobile
An automobile and a golf-cart traveling at the same speed collide head-on. The impact force is
A mack truck and a Volkswagen traveling at the same speed have a head of collision. The vehicle that undergoes the greatest change in velocity will be the
the ball hits the racquet
When a tennis racquet hits a ball
Ball’s pull on the earth
As a ball falls, the action force is the earths pull on the ball. The reaction force is
Half the mass of the other
A pair of air pucks on an air table are set in motion, when a compressed spring between them is released. If one puck moves twice the speed of the other, then the mass is
Joshua is attracted toward Earth by a 500-N gravitational force. The earth is attracted toward Joshua with a force of
These two pulls comprise an action-reaction pair
Earth pulls on the moon, and the moon pulls on earth, which tells us
same on each
A pair of toy freight cars, one twice the mass of the other, fly apart when a compressed spring that joins them is released. The spring exerts the greater force on the
Both the same
When a cannonball is fired from a cannon, which undergoes the greater acceleration?
exert an upward force on the rocket
When a rocket forces exhaust gases downward, the exhaust gases
equals the speed of the falling drops
If vertically falling rain makes slanted 45° streaks on the side windows of a moving car, the speed of the car
5 units
A vertical vector of 3 units combined with a horizontal vector of of 4 units has a resultant of
√2 the length of either vector
Two equal-size vectors at right angles to each others have a resultant that is
horizontal surface
Nellie’s weight and normal force usually have the same magnitude when she stands on a
more than half her weight
When Nellie hangs suspended from a pair of ropes that are not vertical, the tension in each rope is
decreases as the slope of the ramp increases
The normal force that acts on a block of ice that slides on a ramp
D) All of the Above
As the sloped surface supporting a shoe becomes steeper
Have a vector sum of zero
When monkey mo is suspended as rest by holding a rope with one hand and the side of his cage with the other, all the forces vectors that act on him
remains constant
Nellie tosses a ball upwards at an angle. Neglecting air resistance, the horizontal component of the initial velocity
decreases with time to reach the top
Nellie tosses a ball upward at an angle. Neglecting air resistance, the vertical component of the initial velocity
100 km/h
An airplane travels at 141 km/h toward the northeast. What is its component of velocity due north
A pair of equal length vectors at right angles to each other have a resultant. If the angle between the vectors is less than 90° their resultant is
100 s
A river 100m wide flows due south. A boat that goes 1 m/s relative to the water is pointed due east as it crosses from the west bank. The boat crosses in

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