Physics Exam

T or F: A free-body diagram represents forces acting on a system
T or F: Force and acceleration are inversely related (One increases, the other decreases…)
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Physics Exam
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T or F: The net force on an object is the resultant of the force vectors
T or F: Static friction is exerted on one surface by another when the two surfaces are moving relative to each other
away from the particle
In a free body diagram, the force arrows always point __________.
Which of the following does NOT represent Newton’s second law?
When an object is in equilibrium, the net force, or Fnet, is _____.
the force that opposes an object moving across a surface.
The kinetic friction force is
perpendicular to the surface upon which the object is resting.
The normal force on an object always acts
In a televised tennis match, a close-up is shown of the ball and the racquet at the instant it is hit. The announcers point out the deformation of the ball (squashed) and racquet strings (stretched). They say: ‘Not only does it look like the racquet is hitting the bal, but look at the effect of the ball on that racquet!’ We know this a photographic example of Newton’s ____ Law.
Long before a very massive oil tanker can see the California coast, is shuts off the might engines and ‘glides’ into Long Beach harbor, slowing down gradually. If it did not shut down its engines, it would not be able to stop before docking. This is an example of Newton’s ____ Law.
92 m/s
A drag racer wins the final round of her race by covering the race course distance of 480 meters in 5.22 seconds. What is the drag racer’s average speed?
a bicyclist moving in a straight line at a constant speed
Which of the following is NOT an example of accelerated motion?
average acceleration
The change in velocity during a measurable time interval, divided by the time interval, is the _______.
9.8 m/s²
The acceleration due to Earth’s gravity is:
The object is moving at constant velocity.
Given a graph of velocity vs. time, what does the horizontal line represent?
tip to tail.
The resultant between 2 vectors can be found by placing the vectors
R²=10² – 40²
Kelsey the triathelete swims 1.5 east, then bikes 40 km north, and then runs 10 km west. Which choice gives the correct solution for the resultant?
the inverse tangent of (Rx/Ry) or (East/North)
The angle of the Resultant vector (found after adding multiple vectors) is equal to
the length of the side opposite the angle divided by the length of the hypotenuse
The sine of an angle is
the length of the sine adjacent the angle divided by the length of the hypotenuse
The cosine of angle is
moving a vector parallel to itself
When adding 2 vectors together graphically, which of the following may be done?
An object that is shot through the air is called a ______ and its path has the shape of a _______.
pythagorean theorem
If two vectors are at right angles to each other, the length of the resultant can be found using
T or F: Vectors at various angles can be summed by separately adding the x- and y-components (or North and East components)
T or F: Two balls are dropped to the ground. One is merely dropped from the edge of a tabletop, and the other is sent horizontally off of the edge at a speed of 2 m/s. The one that drops straight down lands on the floor in half the time it takes the other to land on the floor.
T or F: The key to successfully solving two-dimensional relative velocity problems (like a boat trying to cross a river…) is drawing the proper triangle to represent all three velocity vectors.
T or F: Projectiles launched at an angle will reach their maximum height three-fourths of the way through their flight.
T or F: For a boat to go directly across a river with a current, it must aim upstream at some angle into the current instead of straight across the river.
0.60 A
A lightbulb uses 75 W of power when it is connected across a 125 V source. What current does the lamp draw?
single path; multiple path
A series circuit goes through _________, and a parallel circuit goes through ______.
1 amp
1 coulomb per second is equal to
In a _____ circuit, each circuit element has the same circuit.
More resistors added to a series circuit, equivalent resistance ________.

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