Physics Final

10^2 kg
The mass of a high school football player is approximately…
.01 m
What is the approximate width of a little person’s finger?
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Physics Final
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The diameter of a United States penny is closest to
10^1 m
An egg is dropped from a third story window. The distance the egg falls from the window to the ground is closest to
1.3 x 10^-1 m
The approximate height of a 12-ounce can of root beer is
.410 kg
The measurement of .41006 kg rounded to three sig figs is expressed as
0.0030 g
Which measurement contains a total of two sig figs?
2.58 cm
What is the product of (2.324 cm x 1.11 cm) expressed to the correct number of sig figs?
What is the quotient of 8.01 divided by 3.127 expressed to the correct number of sig figs?
120. s
Which measurement contains a total of three sig figs?
1 x 10^-6 kg
The mass of a paper clip is approximately
1.5 x 10^-1
The length of a dollar bill is approximately
10^3 kg
What is the approximate mass of an automobile?
85 km/h
On a highway, a car is driven 80 km during the first hour of travel, 50 km during the next .5 hour, and 40 km during the final .5 hour. What is the cars average speed for the entire trip?
12.0 ms
A high speed train in Japan travels a distance of 300 km in 3.60 x 10^3 seconds. What is the average speed of this train?
2.2 m/s^2
The speed of a wagon increases from 2.5 m/s to 9.0 m/s in 3 seconds as it accelerates uniformly down a hill. What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the wagon during this 3.0 second interval?
Which is a scalar quantity?
Which is a vector quantity?
7.4 m/s
A ball is thrown straight downward with a speed of .5 m/s from a height of 4.0 meters. What is the speed of the ball .7 second after it released?
2.9 s
A 1.0 kg ball is dropped from the roof of a building 40 meters tall. What is the approximate time of fall?
15 m/s
What is the speed of a 2.5 kg mass after is has fallen freely from rest to a distance of 12 meters?
20 m
The graph below represents the relationship the relationship between speed and time for an object moving along a straight line. What is the total distance traveled by the object during the first 4 seconds?
A rock falls from rest a vertical distance of 0.72 meter to the surface of a planet in .63 second. The magnitude of acceleration due to gravity on the planet is 1.1 m/s^2
3) x^2
Which graph best represents the relationship between the acceleration of an object falling freely near the surface of earth and the time that it falls?
1) x^2
A cart travels with a constant nonzero acceleration along a straight line. Which graph best represents the relationship between the distance the cart travels and the time of travel?
19.6 N
What is the weight of a 2 kg object on the surface on the surface of the earth?
30 N
A 70 kg cyclist develops 210 watts of power while pedaling at a constant velocity of 7.0 m/s east.. What is the average force exerted eastward on the bicycle to maintain a constant speed?
The gravitational potential energy, with respect to earth, that is possessed by an object is dependent on the objects…
As a ball falls freely towards the ground, it’s total mechanical energy
0.18 J
A spring with a constant of 4.0 newtons per meter is compressed by a force of 1.2 Newtons. What is the total elastic potential energy stored in this compressed spring?
1 Joule
The work done in lifting an apple one meter near Earth’s surface is approximately
9.65 x 10^3
What is the average power required to raise a 1.81 x 10^-4 Newton elevator 12 meters in 22.5 seconds?
If the speed of a moving object is doubled, the kinetic energy of the object is…
If the car comes to rest after compressing the spring a distance of 1 meter. What is the spring constant of the spring?
3.6 x 10^2 J
How much work is required to lift a 10 Newton weight from 4 meters to 40 meters above the surface of the earth?
2.0 N/cm
An unstretched spring has a length of 10 cm. when the spring is stretched by a force of 16 newtons. It’s length is increased to 18 centimeters. What is constant of the spring?
120 joules
What is the total work done by the boy in the pushing the wagon 4 meters?
As a child pushes the wagon, what happens to the wagons energy?
Which situation describes a system with decreasing gravitational potential energy?
A wooden crate is pushed at a constant speed across a level surface. Which graph best represents the relation who between the total mechanical energy of the crate and duration of time the crate is pushed?
2.0 meters
A child does .2 joule of work to compress a spring in a pop up toy. If the mass of the toy is .010 kilo, what is the maximum vertical height the toy can reach after the spring is released?
A book of mass m falls freely from rest to the floor from the top of a desk of height h. What is the speed of the book upon striking the floor?
9.65 x 10^3
What is the average power required to raise a 1.81 x 10^4 Newton elevator 12 meters in 22.5 seconds?
67 N/m
The diagram below represents a spring hanging vertically that stretches .075 meter when a 5 Newton block system is at rest in the position below. The value of the spring constant is
5.76 x 10^4 joules
An electric heater operating at 120 volts draws 8 amps of current through its 15 ohms of resistance. The total amount of heat energy produced by the heater in 60 seconds is…
5 Amps
A charge of 30 coulombs passes through a 24 ohm resistor in 6 seconds. What is the current through the resistor?
2.30 x 10^-12
What is the magnitude of the electrostatic force between 2 electrons separated by a distance of 1 x 10^-8
Cross sectional area
The electrical resistance of a metallic conductor is inversely proportional to its
Sphere A is negative and sphere B is positive
(Diagram) What is the sign of the charge of each sphere?
3 resistors with 2 ohms in a parallel circuit (3)
Which circuit has the smallest equivalent resistance?
.5 ohms
The graph below represents the relationship between the current in a metallic conductor and the potential difference across the conductor at the constant temperature. The resistance across the conductor
.25 amps
In a simple electric circuit, a 24 ohm resistor is connected across a 6 volt battery. What is the current in the circuit?
6.0 x 10^3 joules
An operating 100 watt lamp is connected to a 120 volt outlet. What is the total electrical energy used by the lamp in 60 seconds?
24 volts
A 3 ohm resistor and a 6 ohm resistor are connected in series in an operating electric circuit. If the current through the 3 ohm resistor is 4 amps, what is the potential difference across the 6 ohm resistor?
(3) parallel with 1 ohm resistors
Which combination of resistors has smallest equivalent resistance?
1 volt
If 20 joules of work is used to transfer 20 coulombs of charge through a 20 ohm resistor, the potential difference across the resistor is
At 20’C, four conducting wires made of different materials have the same length and same diameter, which wire has the least resistance?
2 amps
A 2 ohm resistor and a 4 ohm resistor are connected in series with a 12 volt battery. If the current through the 2 ohm resistor is 2 amps, the current through the 4 ohm resistor is
4 mA
What is the current in a 100 ohm resistor connected to a .4 volt source of potential difference?
More resistance and draws less current
A 150 watt lightbulb is brighter than a 60 watt lightbulb when both are operating at a potential difference of 110 volts. Compared to the resistance of and the current drawn by the 150 watt bulb, the 60 watt has
Ammeter 1 and voltmeter 4
In the electric circuit diagram below, possible locations of an ammeter and a voltmeter are indicated by circles 1,2,3 and 4. Where should an ammeter be located to correctly measure the total current and where should a voltmeter be located to correctly measure the total voltage?
X^2 (4)
Which graph best represents the relationship between the power expended by a resistor that obeys ohms law and the potential difference applied to the resistor?
(1) r2 open s
In which circuit would current flow through resistor R1 but not through resistor R2 while S is open?
Which color of light has a wavelength of 5 x 10^-7 meter in air?
Which type of wave requires a material medium through which to travel?
A wave of constant wavelength
diffraction as it passes through an opening in a barrier as the size of the opening increased the diffraction effects
Compared to the speed of a sound wave in air the speed of a radiowave in air is
If the amplitude of a wave is increased the frequency of the wave will
Which unit is equivalent to m/s?
Decreases in amplitude and decreases in frequency
A cars horn produces a sound wave of a constant frequency as the car speeds up going away from the stationary spectator the soundwave detected by the spectator
A ray of light traveling in air is incident at an angle of 40° on an air crown glass interface as shown below what is the angle of refraction for this light ray?
Which characteristic is the same for every color of light in a vacuum?
1.81×10^8 m/s
what is the speed of light in Flint glass?
8.60 m
While playing to children create a standing wave in a rope as shown in the diagram below a third child participates by jumping the rope what is the wavelength of the standing wave?
Transfers energy without transferring mass
A television remote is used to direct pulses of electromagnetic radiation to receiver on a television this communication from the remote control to the television illustrates that electromagnetic radiation
Struck harder
A periodic wave is produced by a vibrating tuning fork the amplitude of the wave would be greater if the tuning fork were
.75 m
The sound wave produced by a trumpet has a frequency of 440 Hz what is the distance between the success of compressions in the sound wave as it travels through air at STP?
The diagram below represents a light rays striking the boundary between air and glass what would be the angle between this light Ray and the reflected ray?
It’s speed decreases
in which way does blue light change as it travels from diamond into crown glass?
Soundwave strike a glass and cause it to shatter this phenomenon illustrates
(2) 15cm
The diagram below shows two pulse is approaching each other in a uniform medium which diagram best represents the superposition of the two pulses?
greater inertia and the same magnitude of momentum
Car a has A mass of 2 kg and a speed of 3 m/s cart B has a mass of 3 kg and a speed of 2 m/s compared to the inertia and the magnitude of momentum of cart A cart B has
9.9 Newton seconds
A .45 kg gram football traveling at a speed age of 22 m/s is caught by an 84 kg stationary receiver. If the football comes to rest in the receivers arms the magnitude of the impulse imparted to the receiver by the ball is
The same before and after the collision
A 1 kg gram laboratory cart moving with the velocity of .5 m/s 22 do East. Collides with and sticks to a similar cart initially at rest after the collision the two carts move off together with a velocity of .25 m/s due east the total momentum of the frictionless system is
3.3. Meters per second
A 6 kg gram block sliding to the east across a horizontal frictionless surface with a momentum of 30 kg meters per second strikes an obstacle obstacle exerts an impulse of 10 Newton seconds to the west on the block the speed of the Block after the collision is
Applying a net force of 5 N for two seconds
Which situation will produce the greatest change of momentum for a 1 kg cart?
3×10^2 newtons
A .15 kg gram baseball moving at 20 m/s is stop by a catcher in .01 second the average for stopping the ball is
1.5 m/s
A 3 kg steel block is at rest on the frictionless horizontal surface a 1 kg lump of clay is propelled horizontally at 6 m/s toward the block as shown in the diagram. upon collision the Clay and steal block stick together and move to the right with the speed of
Impulse and momentum
Which two quantities can be expressed using the same units?
which quantity is a vector?
A .5 kg cart is rolling at a speed of .4 m/s if the speed of the cart is doubled the inertia of the cart is
5 kg gram
Two forces F1 and F2 are applied to a block on a frictionless horizontal surface as shown below if the magnitude of the blocks acceleration is 2 m/s what is the mass of the block?
19.6 N
What is the weight of a 2 kg object on the surface of the earth?
FH equals 20 N
FV equals 14 N
The vector diagram below represents the horizontal component FH in the vertical component FV of a 24 N force acting at 35 degrees above the horizontal.what are the magnitudes of the horizontal and vertical components?
2.4 x 10^3
A motorcycle being driven on a dirt path hits a rock. It’s 60 kg gram cyclist is projected over the handlebars at 20 m/s into a haystack. If the cyclist is brought to rest in .5 seconds the magnitude of the average force exerted on the cyclist by the haystack is
3.6 m/s
A rockfalls from rest a vertical distance of .72 m to the surface of a planet in .63 second. The magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity on the planet is
The same
A carpenter hits a nail with a hammer compared to the magnitude of the force the hammer exerts on the nail, The magnitude of the force the nail exerts on the hammer during contact is
As a meteor moves from a distance of 16 earth radii to a distance of two Earth radii from the center of the earth the magnitude of the gravitational force between a meteor and earth becomes
(3) arrows pointing towards each other
Which diagram best represents the gravitational forces FG between a satellite S and earth
.67 m/s^2
825 N horizontal force NorthWord and a 35 N horizontal force southward act concurrently on a 15 kg object on a frictionless surface. What is the magnitude of the objects acceleration?
2 kilo grams
A 2 kg gram object he weighs 19.6 N on earth. If the acceleration due to gravity on Mars is 3.17 m Per second what is the objects mass on Mars?
As the angle between two concurrent forces decreases, the magnitude of the force required to produce equilibrium
Earth’s mass is approximately 81 times the mass of the moon. If the earth exert a gravitational force of magnitude F on the moon, that I digit of the gravitational force of the moon on earth is
8.17×10^-10 N
The diagram shows two bowling balls A and B, each having a mass of 7 kg grams, place to meters apart. what is the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted by ball A on ball B?
A force of 1 N is equivalent to one
The diagram below represents a force vector, A and a resultant vector R. Which force vector B below could be added to force vector A to produce results and vector R?
A 15 kg gram object at rest
Which object has the greatest inertia?
9 N
A3 Newton fours and a four Newton force are acting concurrently on a point. Which force could not juice equilibrium with these two forces?
9×10^2 N
A 60 kg student jumps down from a laboratory counter. At the instant he lands on the floor his speed is 3 m/s. If the student stops in .2 second, what is the average force of the floor on the student?
A 2 kg object is falling freely near the earths surface. What is the magnitude of the gravitational force that that earth exerts an object?
(1) 45degrees left
Which vector represents the force that will produce equilibrium with these two forces?
(2) parallel forces equal
Which diagram represents a box in equilibrium?

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