Physics Final Exam Version Essay

Grading: Please be sure to allow all guidelines (number of sentences/showing all calculations) and to provide the correct metric units of measure. It is important for you to observe the number of sentences, when required. This helps me assure the integrity of your responses. All questions are 5 points (1 point for sentence number ‘correct units). 1. Consider eight two-cubic centimeter (2 com) sugar cubes stacked so that they form a single 2 x 2 x 2 cube. How does the surface area of the single, large cube compare to the total surface area of the individual eight cubes?

Report your answer as a ratio. Be sure to show all calculations leading to an answer. . A rectangular barge 6 m long and 3 m wide floats in fresh water. How much will the barge sink when loaded with 600 goof sand? Show all calculations leading to an answer. 3. When a steadily-flowing gas flows from a larger-diameter pipe to a smaller- diameter pipe, what happens to each of the following? (I apt EAI) a. The density of the gas b. The speed of the gas c. The pressure of the gas d. The temperature of the gas e. The kinetic energy of the gas 4.

When a 3-keg glass Jar containing 3 keg of water is removed from the refrigerator, which material (if either) absorbs more heat from the room? Support your answer sing 3 – 4 complete sentences. 5. In a lab experiment, a 0. 6-g peanut is burned beneath 60 g of water. Heat from the burning peanut raises the water temperature from ICC to ICC in 3. 0 minutes. If the heat transfer is 41% efficient, how many Calories of heat did the peanut release while burning? Show all calculations leading to an answer. The energy of this photon of light?

Show all calculations leading to an answer. 7. When a wave crosses a surface at an angle from one medium into another, why does it change directions as it moves across the boundary into the new medium? Use 3 – 4 complete sentences in your own words to explain. . Suppose a piano tuner hears 2 beats/second when listening to the combined sound from the tuning fork and the piano note being tuned. After slightly loosening the string, she hears 1 beat/second. Should she continue to loosen the string or tighten it in order to get it “in tune”?

Defend your answer with 3 – 4 complete sentences. 9. What conditions must exist for a converging lens to produce a virtual image? Please respond with 3 – 4 complete sentences. 10. Suppose the thickness of an oil film on water is Just the right thickness for canceling yellow light. What color will your eye see? Explain using 3 – 4 complete 1 . A hard-rubber or plastic comb rubbed against wool can often be shown to have a static charge. Why does a metal comb not readily show a static charge when rubbed against wool? Use 3 – 4 complete sentences in your answer. 12.

Two electrically-charges spheres are suspended from insulated threads a certain distance from each other. There is a certain amount of electrostatic force between them. Describe specifically (not Just increase or decrease) what happens to this force in each of the scenarios below (1 apt. EAI. ): a. The charge on one sphere is reduced by half b. The charge on both spheres is doubled . The distance between the spheres is increased by a factor of three d. The distance between the sphere is decreased to one-fourth e. The charge of each sphere is doubled and the distance between them is doubled 13.

An ammeter indicates the current for a toaster is 5. 0 amps when the toaster is connected to 120-V circuit. How much energy is given off by the toaster in 42. 0 14. Three identical light bulbs are connected in series, then are disconnected and arranged in parallel. For each of the scenarios below indicate what changes (if any) take place (1 apt. EAI. ): a. Total resistance of the circuit . Total current of the circuit c. Power dissipated by the circuit d. Voltage used by one of the light bulbs e. Resistance of one of the light bulbs 15.

Using 3 – 4 sentences, explain, in your own words, how motors and generators are similar and how they are different. 16. Using 3 – 4 complete sentences, explain the role of both types of transformers in getting electric energy from an electric power plant (coal-fired, natural gas or nuclear) to our homes. 17. In what way does the photoelectric effect support the particle theory of light? Use 3 – 4 complete sentences in your own words to explain. 18. A radioactive isotope has a half-life of one week. How much of it will remain after one month?

Show all calculations leading to an answer OR explain your answer with 3 – 4 complete sentences. 19. The total U. S. Consumption of electricity in a particular year was 5. 0 x 1012 kilowatt-hours. What is the mass equivalence of this amount of energy? Show all calculations leading to an answer. 20. One type of nuclear reactor uses the plutonium-239 isotope to produce nuclear energy; however, this isotope does not occur naturally on earth. What is the source of the Pu-239 isotope? Use 3 – 4 complete sentences in your own words to explain.

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