Physics Investigation: Does the Mass Effect the Acceleration Essay

Physics Investigation: Does the Mass Effect the Acceleration of Each Person While Going Down the Slide? BY Hawaii Physics Investigation Investigation Question: Does the mass effect the acceleration of each person while going down the slide? Hypothesis: The heavier How will we take measurements? Using the equations: V= u+at s=UT + . 5 tat Measure the overall distance the mass will be traveling. To calculate the time it took to reach the end of the ramp, then using the equations above, add in the distance, time, and initial velocity.

Variables Independent: Difference of weight on each car. Dependent: Time and velocity of the car going down the ramp Controlled: Size of the ramp Same car used Same size weights lax power pack (set to A/C) Equipment: lax wooden ramp lax model car xx 1 keg weights lax stopwatch lax role of ticker timer tap lax ticker timer 1. Gather all equipment listed above 2. Set up ramp, car (without any weights) and ticker timer (repeat 2 time) 3. Push car down the ramp and record time 4. Repeat experiment by adding on 1 Gig weight each time . Record all results into a table 6.

The person who timed the car as it rolled; there could have been a delay because of that person’s reaction time. Conclusion: Our group found that each car went down the ramp at roughly the same time. Our hypothesis did not match what we found because we stated that the heavier person surely would go down the ramp faster but what we actually found out was the acceleration on the in climb was the same due to the rate that gravity pulls all objects at 9. M/s/s. We could have had more accurate readings if there wasn’t any friction on the ticker timer. We could have made this Investigation fairer by doing more tests if we had the time and having the same person use the ticker timer and the stopwatch because they could have had a more accurate reading. In conclusion both the lighter and heavier cars went down the ramp around the same time. Graph:

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Physics Investigation: Does the Mass Effect the Acceleration Essay
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