Physics ISA Thermistor generalised Paper Essay

My hypothesis is that the resistance decreases as the temperature increases. I predict my results will have a negative correlation, and that as the temperature 2. Http://www. Chemosynthesis’s. Co. UK/2014/05/theorists-resistance-dependent- on. HTML http://www. Nonproliferation. Org/practical-physics/effect-temperature- theorists The first method contained a risk assessment as well as a choice of two methods, one with a digital millimeter as well as one with a power supply and an ammeter.

The second method has an explanation as to how a theorists works, but I chose the first method because it had a millimeter method, which is easier than using a power supply and an ammeter, as it reads resistance directly in Ohms. 3. The equipment I will use is an ANT Theorists, Hot Water (mall), Cold Water (mall), Beaker (mall), Thermometer (0-chic), Digital Millimeter, and Connecting leads. You will need to boil water (at least mall) and put it in a beaker of at least ml, and then the same with normal water.

You will then need to use connecting leads to connect the digital millimeter to the theorists. You will need to turn the millimeter on, and set it to read Ohms, which is the unit for Resistance (PDP/current). You will then pour the hot water in the mall beaker, and immerse the theorists into the mall beaker. You will then wait until the hot water reaches ICC, and then measure the resistance in Ohms. You will then repeat the experiment, to increase accuracy and to spot anomalies that might affect your final results.

You will take a mean by adding up both results and dividing them by two. My control variable is to immerse the theorists until it reaches it’s maximum temperature, then wait for it to drop down to my desired temperature (ICC), to prevent the temperature from rising after testing. I will also use the same theorists as different theorists will have a different internal resistance. I will try to close all windows, as wind of drafts could affect the result.

The only major hazard is the risk of spillage, which could burn you if you spill hot water. To prevent this you will have to work standing up, so you can move away if there is a spill. Another risk is dropping the glass breaker. It could smash on the floor and can be sharp is touched. Take extra care when handling it. 4. Using a digital ammeter is better, as there is no human error, the range is larger as you can go into small decimal places, and an analog ammeter’s range is only defined by the thickness of the needle.

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Physics ISA Thermistor generalised Paper Essay
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