Physics Lab Essay

The rocket was assembled by the rocket launcher and screwed to the launching platform using two screws/washer/wing-nut set. The launching platform was affixed to the ground by two nails pushed into the grass. 3. The supplied wooden block was used to set the angle of the launched platform. 4. The air hose was secured from the air pump to the rocket launcher. 5. The appropriate thrust washer was pushed onto the rocket launcher until it made a snap sound. 6. The rocket body was pushed down onto the rocket launcher. The top of the thrust waster was seated completely into the hole at the top of the rocket. 7. The nose cone was attached to the rocket body. 8.

When instructed by the teacher, the air pump was pumped until the rocket launched. 9. The angle of the launch, the total time that the rocket was in the air and the distance it traveled was recorded. 10. The steps were repeated using all 5 available angled wooden blocks. Observations

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Physics Lab Essay
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