Physics Lab Questions Essay

N a deep dive, a whale is appreciably compressed by the pressure of the surrounding water. What happens to the whale’s density? The whales density increases so its not compressed by the waters pressure. 20. The relative densities of water, ice, and alcohol are 1. 0,0. 9, and 0. 8, respectively. Do ice cubes float higher or lower in a mixed alcoholic drink? What can you say about a cocktail in which the ice cubes lie submerged at the bottom of the glass?

Ice cubes float on water and sink in alcohol because anything with less density than the liquid it’s in will always float. 22. A half-filled bucket of water is on a spring scale. Will the reading of the scale increase or remain the same if a fish is placed in the bucket? (Will your answer be different if the bucket is initially filled to the brim? ) If no water flows over the bucket then the scale will read more, the original weight plus the fishes weight. 35.

Would it be slightly more difficult to draw soda through a straw at sea level or on top off very high mountain? Explain. It would be more difficult to drink soda through a straw on a mountain than at sea. 43. When a steadily flowing gas flows from a larger-diameter pipe to a smaller- diameter pipe, what happens to (a) its speed, (b) its pressure, and (c) the spacing between its streamlines?. Pressure increases because paint spacing between streamlines still exist, they are Just crammed together to all fit through the pipe.

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Physics Lab Questions Essay
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