Physics Lab Report Essay

Introduction In this experiment, we will investigate the relationship between the linear speed of an object and magnitude of centripetal force acting on it. We will use a stopper moving in a circle to create an upward force on the hanging mass; at equilibrium, the upward force on the mass will exactly equal the centripetal force. Apparatus Two-hole Stopper Plastic Tube Plastic Clip Electronic balance Hooked Masses Stop Watch String Procedures 1 .

Place the stopper on the end of a meter stick so that half the stopper is on the stick. 2. Move the tube such that the end of the tube nearest the stopper is 0. 81 m away and attach the clip to the string at the other end of the tube. 3. Attach a hooked mass of egg to the end of the string. 4. Now begin swinging the stopper. Adjust the speed at which you are swinging the stopper until the clip remains about LLC below the tube. 5. Measure the time it takes for 30 revolutions. 6. Compute linear speed of the stopper according to data collected in step 5. Compute theoretical speed of the stopper according to weight of the hanging mass. 8. Add more masses to the string and repeat

From the graph above we can see that, the values of measured speed are smaller than that of theoretical speed. In other words, there is a systematic error in it. This may because it takes a longer time than we expected to react and operate the stop watch, thus the time taken for 30 revs we have recorded would be longer. Experimental Limitations and Improvements: The errors on measurements throughout the entire experiment come from the inherent limitation of the apparatus used. These are: В±O. Sass on the time measurement from the stop watch. O. OOH g on the mass measurement from the electronic balance. However, we should not forget the limitations and errors that are not taken into account in the raw results. These are: The time taken for us to react and operate the The friction force between the string and the plastic tube. Air resistant force exerted on the stopper. Such limitations are uncontrolled and will (yes! They did) induce systematic errors that would harm all readings in a similar manner. To improve these, the following things could have been done:

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