Physics Lab Report Essay

Name: Fee Huh Date performed: November 12, 2014 Period 5 Teacher: Mr.. Glasses Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to solve problems that involve the vector addition. Introduction: My classmates and I were solving the equations by graphing them and/or to solve them algebraically. Each of the equations had scales and we were to use these scales for each question in graph paper. Some if the questions didn’t need to be solved by rapping but it was to be solved algebraically.

Procedure: 1) First we were to solve numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 9 graphically and mathematically. When solving the problems graphically, use the scale specified on each questions must be made on graph paper. 2) Second, we need a protractor incase if there were questions with angles which it does have in this lab. 3) Third, when solving problems mathematically all the work must be shown. The purpose of this lab was for my classmates and me to learn how to solve robbers involving vector addition.

I learned two new equations that are made Just for questions for this and I learn new methods for solving equations suggest as the ones that my classmates and I did in class today. It seemed very hard but it becomes easy when the equations and formulas are explained properly to you. A way to improve the lab is that the lab should supply students with graph paper because not all students might have graph paper or they don’t have enough. But the overall general of this lab was pretty interesting.

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Physics Lab Report Essay
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