Physics labs rodp Essay

I saw that the majority of the light emitted from light bulb occurs outside the visible spectrum. What this means is that all of that power needed to produce the light that is outside of the visible spectrum is a waste 2) In this problem we will explore the greenhouse effect by using the Greenhouse Effect Simulation available from http://pet. Colorado. Due/simulations/Sims. PH? Simi=The Greenhouse Effect a) Explore the simulation.

True or False The only effect of increasing the number of clouds is to reduce the amount of sunlight absorbed by the surface of the earth. False Because The clouds do reflect unlighted back to space and reduce the amount of sunlight absorbed. They also absorb the infrared radiation emitted by the surface and then reemit it either back towards the ground or towards space. Increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases, increases the amount of radiation that Earth emits to space.

False If there is a large change in greenhouse gas concentration, the Earth is not as good an emitter as it used to be. So if the amount of radiation emitted by the Earth to space used to equal the amount of radiation absorbed, now it will be *less* than the amount of radiation absorbed, because some f the radiation which previously would have been emitted is absorbed by the atmosphere and re-emitted down to the ground. Now the Earth will take in more energy than it loses to space, and as a result the Earth will warm up.

True or False When sunlight encounters a cloud, the cloud reflects about 10% of the sunlight back to space. FALSE When sunlight hits a cloud, the clouds reflect much more that 10% of the sunlight. It’s around 50-60%. When there is a very large concentration of greenhouse gases, most of the IR radiation reaching space has interacted with greenhouse gas molecules on its way room the surface to space. True True or False The total amount of radiation absorbed by the Earth’s surface is not affected by the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Else Without greenhouse gases, the only radiation absorbed by the Earth is sunlight. But when the atmosphere has greenhouse gases, some of the IR radiation emitted by the surface is absorbed and redirected back down to the surface. Under these conditions, the surface is absorbing both the sunlight radiation and IR radiation, so the total amount of radiation absorbed increases. At higher temperatures, the Earth’s surface emits more IR radiation. True if the temperature increases the amount of power radiated increases.

True or False During the ice age, the amount of sunlight absorbed by the Earth’s surface decreased. True All greenhouse gases are from anthropogenic sources (that is due to man’s activities). False The majority of the greenhouse gases are natural. Water vapor is the strongest greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide is naturally emitted by the plants although man’s activities have led to an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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Physics labs rodp Essay
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