Physics Past Paper Essay

Calculate the distance between the start of the town and the end of the town. For Examiner’s Use distance = between C and D. Acceleration = [3] (c) Calculate the acceleration of the car [3] (d) State how the graph shows that the deceleration of the car has the same numerical value as its acceleration. -? [1] [Total: 8] 2 A car of mass 900 keg is traveling at a steady speed of 30 m / s against a resistive force of 2000 N, as illustrated in Fig. 2. 1 . 30 m / s 2000 N resistive force For Examiner’s Use Fig. 2. 1 (a) Calculate the kinetic energy of the car. Kinetic energy = against the resistive force. Energy = engine has to deliver to the wheels? Minimum power = [2] (b) Calculate the energy used in 1. s [2] (c) What is the minimum power that the car 5 (d) What form of energy is in the fuel, used by the engine to drive the [1] (e) State why the energy in the fuel is converted at a greater rate than you have calculated in Total: 7] For Examiner’s Use 6 3 Two students make the statements about acceleration that are given below. Student A: For a given mass the acceleration of an object is proportional to the resultant force applied to the object. For a given force the acceleration of an object is proportional to the mass of the object. For Examiner’s Use Student B: (a) One statement is correct and one is incorrect.

Re-write the incorrect statement, making changes so that it is now correct. For a given an object is -? the acceleration of [1] (b) State the equation which links acceleration a, resultant force F and mass m. 1] (c) Describe what happens to the motion of a moving object when (I) there is no resultant force acting on it, resultant force is applied to it in the opposite direction to the motion, (iii) a resultant force is applied to it in a perpendicular direction to the motion. -? [Total: 5] 7 4 (a) Four identical metal plates, at the same temperature, are laid side by side on the ground.

Some waves are electromagnetic; some waves are mechanical. Put ticks in the table below to indicate which of these descriptions apply to the light waves of the lightning and the sound waves of the thunder. Light waves longitudinal transverse electromagnetic mechanical [3] [Total: 9] sound waves For Examiner’s Use 14 8 (a) The transformer in Fig. 8. Is used to convert 240 V a. C. To 6 V a. C. Iron core A C For Examiner’s Use D B primary coil (480 turns) Fig. 8. 1 (I) Using the information above, calculate the number of turns on the secondary coil. Secondary coil number of turns = [2] (it) Describe how the transformer works. [3] (iii) State one way in which energy is lost from the transformer, and from which part it is lost. -? 1 5 (b) Fig. 8. 2 shows a device labeled “SEC’S Transformer”. For Examiner’s Use Fig. 8. 2 Study the label on the case of the ‘GEESE Transformer. (I) (it) What is the output of the device? -? [1] From the information on he case, deduce what other electrical component must be included within the case of the ‘GEESE Transformer, apart from a transformer. 1] (c) A transformer supplying electrical energy to a factory changes the 11 000 V a. C. Supply to 440 V a. C. For use in the factory. The current in the secondary coil is 200 A. Calculate the current in the primary coil, assuming no losses from the transformer. Current = [2] [Total: 10] 16 9 (a) Fig. 9. 1 illustrates the left hand rule, which helps when describing the force on a caricaturing conductor in a magnetic field. Thumb For Examiner’s Use motion / force iris finger second finger Fig. 9. 1 One direction has been labeled for you.

In each of the other two boxes, write the name of the quantity that direction represents. [1] (b) Fig. 9. 2 shows a simple d. C. Motor connected to a battery and a switch. X switch battery Fig. 9. 2 17 (I) On Fig. 9. 2, write in each of the boxes the name of the part of the motor to which the arrow is pointing. [2] State which way the coil of the motor will rotate when the switch is closed, when viewed from the position State two things which could be done to increase the speed of rotation of the coil. [2] [Total: ] For Examiner’s Use that is the same for atoms of both isotopes. 1] (b) State one thing that is different between atoms of these two [1] (c) An atom of one of these isotopes is unstable and decays into a different element by emitting a -particle. (I) State one thing about the atom that remains the same during this decay. (it) State one thing about the atom that changes as a result of this [Total: 4] For Examiner’s Use 19 11 (a) A coil of wire is connected into a circuit containing a variable resistor and a battery. The variable resistor is adjusted until the potential difference across the coil is 1. V. In this condition, the current in the circuit is 0. 5 A. Calculate (I) the resistance of the coil, For Examiner’s Use resistance = length of wire in second coil is -? the length of wire in first coil this coil in 9 minutes. Energy released – [1] the thermal energy released from [3] (b) The coil in part (a) is replaced by one made of wire which has half the diameter of that in (a). When the potential difference across the coil is again adjusted to 1. 8 V, the current is only 0. 30 A. Calculate how the length of wire in the second coil compares with the length of wire in the first coil.

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