Physics practice questions 1

all of the above
When the Sun shines on the Moon, the Moon casts a shadow
gaining, organizing, and applying new knowledge.
The scientific method is most effective in
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Physics practice questions 1
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An educated scientific guess is a
are changeable.
Facts in the field of science
a synthesis of a large body of well-tested knowledge.
A theory in the field of science is
all of the above
Which of the following involves passion, talent, and intelligence?
all of the above
A truly educated person is knowledgeable about
responsible for all the good in the world.
Science and technology are
all of the above
Technology is a tool that can
property of matter.
Inertia is defined as a
continue moving at the same speed.
If no external forces act on a moving object, it will
of friction
A hockey puck sliding across the ice finally comes to
rest because
none of these
The amount of force needed to sustain motion of a rock in
outer space is
When you flick a card from beneath a coin that hardly moves,
you’re illustrating
about 30 m/s
A package falls off a truck that is moving at 30 m/s. Neglecting air
resistance, the horizontal speed of the package just before it hits the
ground is
stretch something.
Tension is actually a force that tends to
zero and rope tension is 50N
Nellie pulls with a force of 50 N on a horizontal rope tied to a tree
at rest. The net force on the rope is
zero and rope tension is 400 N.
Two students engaged in a tug-of-war each pull a rope in opposite
directions with a force of 400 N. The net force on the rope is
magnitude and direction.
A force is a vector quantity because it has both
none of these
Which of the following is a vector quantity?
A block pulled to the left with 15 N and to the right with 5 N at
the same time experiences a net force of
A pair of 10-N vectors at right angles to each other has a resultant
of about
The resultant of a 40-N force at right angles to a 30-N force is
A parallelogram is a four-sided figure with opposite sides that are
The net force on any object in equilibrium is
both of these
The equilibrium rule, ΣF = 0, applies to
all of the above
An object in mechanical equilibrium is an object
The net force acting on an insect falling downward at
constant velocity is
The force of friction on a sliding object is 10 N. The applied force
needed to maintain a constant velocity is
The minimum number of forces that act on a book resting on a
table is
An 800-N man stands at rest on two bathroom scales so that his
weight is distributed evenly over both scales. The reading on each
scale is
as if you were at rest
If you toss a coin straight upward while in a train moving at
constant velocity, the coin will land
law of inertia
A bird sitting on the limb of a tree is moving about 30 km/s with
respect to the Sun. If the bird takes 1 second to drop down to a worm
below, the worm would be 30 km downrange from the bird when it
reached the ground. This faulty reasoning is best countered with
0 m/s
A mosquito flying at 3 m/s that encounters a breeze blowing at 3 m/s
in the same direction has a speed of
6 m/s
Jogging Jake runs at 4 m/s along a train flatcar that moves at 10 m/s
in the opposite direction. Jake’s speed relative to the ground is
instantaneous speed
The speedometer of an automobile reads
20 m
When you walk at an average speed of 4 m/s, in 5 s you’ll cover a
distance of
20 km/h
The average speed of a horse that gallops 10 kilometers in 30
minutes is
6 m/s
If a car increases its velocity from zero to 60 m/s in 10 seconds, its
acceleration is
change by the same amount each second.
If an object moves with constant acceleration, its velocity must
6 m/s
A car’s speed 3 seconds after accelerating from rest at 2 m/s2
15 s
The time it takes a car to attain a speed of 30 m/s when accelerating
from rest at 2 m/s2
range from zero to g.
The accelerations possible for a ball on an inclined plane
The distance a freely falling bowling ball falls each second
10 m/s
An apple falls from a tree and hits the ground 5 meters below with a
speed of about
At one instant an object in free fall is moving downward at 50 m/s.
One second later its speed is
10 m/s
If you throw a ball straight downward (in the absence of air
resistance), after leaving your hand its acceleration is
10 s
The time it takes a projectile fired straight up at 10 m/s to reach
the top of its path is about
Which of the following is not a vector quantity?
10 km/h
A bird flying at 8 km/h in a 6-km/h crosswind has a resultant speed of
Whenever the net force on an object is zero, its acceleration
4 s
If you are driving at 20 m/s and slam on your brakes and skid at
0.5g to a full stop, the skidding time is about
5000 N
The human body can withstand an acceleration of 10 g under certain
conditions. What net force would produce this acceleration for a 50-
kg person?
4 N
An astronaut on another planet drops a 1-kg rock from rest. The
astronaut notices that the rock falls 2 meters straight down in one
second. On this planet, how much does the rock weigh?
get a larger parachute.
A large and a small person wish to parachute at equal terminal
velocities. The larger person should
0 m/s2
A sack of potatoes weighing 200 N falls from an airplane. As the
velocity of fall increases, air resistance also increases. When air
resistance equals 200 N, the sack’s acceleration becomes
head first
A skydiver’s terminal velocity will be greatest if she falls
3000 N
A 300-kg bear grasping a vertical tree slides down at constant
velocity. The friction force between the tree and the bear is
an automobile battery
Which has the greater mass?
100 N
A bag of groceries that has a mass of 10 kilograms weighs about
the mass of the car is independent of gravity
Strange as it may seem, it is just as difficult to accelerate a car on
a level surface on the Moon as it is here on Earth because
In which case would you have the largest mass of gold? If your
chunk of gold weighed 1 N on the
They have the same mass.
A rock weighs 30 N on Earth and another rock weighs 30 N on the
Moon. Which rock has the greater mass?
2000 N
A car has a mass of 1000 kg and accelerates at 2 m/s2. What net force
is exerted on the car?
10 N
A 1-kg rock that weighs 10 N is thrown straight upward at 20 m/s.
Neglecting air resistance, the net force that acts on it when it is half
way to the top of its path is
accelerates in the direction of the applied force
If more horizontal force is applied to a sliding object than is needed
to maintain a constant velocity, the object
only the force due to gravity acts on it.
Neglecting air resistance, once a tossed ball leaves your hand
the same for both
A car traveling at 100 km/h strikes an unfortunate bug and splatters it.
The force of impact is
A force is a vector quantity because it has both

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