Physics Study Notes Essay

Write a one-paragraph summary of the article. A former porn actor by the name of Lukas Rocco Magneto, was arrested in Germany. He is accused of killing Mr.. June Ling by stabbing him with an ice pick. Lukas Rocco Magneto then slashed June Lings throat, dismembered his corpse and did sexual acts with it. He posted a graphic video displaying those violent actions. Mr.. June Lining’s foot was found in a package posted to the Conservation Party headquarters in Ottawa. His hand was discovered in a package mailed to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Researchers suggest that defensive, aggression, psychotic, offensive and a way to appear powerful are the main reasons behind homicidal mutilation. Researchers also say that murder involving mutilation or dismemberment could be increasing in certain parts of the world. 2. B) List five questions an anthropologist would ask to help the police investigate the incident. ; What are the cultural norms in treatment of males in that society? ; Is violence specially mutilation or dismemberment overexposed and celebrated in Magneto’s culture? ; Was Magneto religious?

If so, what is his religion’s viewpoint on mutilation? ; What kind of neighborhood did Magneto live in? (e. G. City, suburbs, etc. ) ; Does Magneto’s culture and society frown upon his former career as a porn actor? 2. C) List five questions a sociologist would ask to help the police investigate the incident. ; Have there been any recent incidents of mutilation or dismemberment in the area? ; How did Lukas Rocco Magneto know June Ling? What was Lukas Rocco Magneto’s economic status? Did Lukas Rocco Magneto contact anyone before killing June Ling? Was Rocco Magneto part of a gang or a cult? 2. D) List five questions a psychologist would ask to help the police investigate the incident. ; Does Lukas Rocco Magneto have a history of family or partner abuse? ; Was Luke Rocco Magneto on any medication? Does Lukas Rocco Magneto have a criminal record consisting of any past crimes? ; Did Magneto have any violent hobbies? (E. G. Wrestling, hunting etc. ) ; Was Magneto suicidal at any time in his past? 3. What is one difference between: a) a psychologist and a sociologist:

A psychologist examines the workings of the human mind while a sociologist examines the social conditions and relationships between people. B) a sociologist and an anthropologist: Anthropologists are experts at human evolution, language, prehistoric artifacts while sociology emphasizes society and focuses on the behavior of large groups of people. C) an anthropologist and a psychologist: Psychology focuses more on the individual and the individual’s personal society while Anthropology is more extensive and includes family, society and global studies

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Physics Study Notes Essay
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