Physics Wave Homework Essay

Wave Homework Don’t do your work on this sheet!! Bosons=mm/s. 1. A regular wave train has a wavelength of 10. Mm. If the wave is moving at 34. Mm/s what are the wavelength, frequency, period and velocity in the proper units? 2. How are frequency and period are related? 3. A wave generator produces 16. 0 pulses in 4. 00 seconds. What is the period? 4. What is the frequency for the problem above? 5. If a water wave has 10. 0 meters between crests and have a frequency of 5. 0 Hz’s, what is the speed of these waves? 6. The shortest time in which a wave motion repeats itself is the 7.

When a light wave in air enters a body of water some of the energy moves back into the air as a 8. Waves transport without transporting 9. The wavelength of a sound produced by Mr.. Maydays bass is 13. Mm. The note has a frequency of GHz. What is the velocity of sound in this medium? 10. Middle “C” on a piano vibrates 262 times per second. What is the period of this wave? 1 1 . Sara hears the echo of her voice 1. Ass after she shouts “Echo! “, how far away is the reflective surface? 12. Andy hears thunder 4. As after seeing lightning, how far away did the lightning strike? Wavelength of 4. Mm. What is the speed of sound in water?

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Physics Wave Homework Essay
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