Physics Week 4- Impulse, Momentum, Work, Energy, Power

is momentum a scalar or vector
is impulse a scalar or vector
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Physics Week 4- Impulse, Momentum, Work, Energy, Power
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kf m/s
what are the units of impulse and momentum
Pe= m g h
formula for potential energy
Ke=1/2 m (v)^2
formula for kinetic energy
An objects moment can be calculated by multiplying the velocity of the object by its
Which has a greater momentum: a semi truck at rest or a bicycle in motion
Applying a force for a longer time increases the change in
What causes a change in momentum
Equal to
When a golf club hits a golf ball, the change in momentum of the club is ________ the change in momentum of the ball
7.9 kg m/s
The momentum of a 225g soft ball moving at 35 m/s is
The law of ________ of momentum states that momentum is neither created nor destroyed
The stored energy of an object due to its position
What is gravitational potential energy
The energy an object has due to its motion
What is kinetic energy?
A frisbee flying through the air
What is an example of kinetic energy at work
The mass and the speed of an object
What does kinetic energy depend on
When those objects collide
When is kinetic energy transferred from one object to another
Can you create or destroy energy?

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