Picasso Essay

Picasso Picasso is one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century. He created his art in Paris, the heart of the artistic world. A playboy to the core Picasso used his wild lifestyle as inspiration to his rather different approach to his artwork. Picasso was a painter, sculpture and basically a creator. He saw things in a totally different way then anyone else did. His drawings and sculptures portrayed objects and people in a cubism form of art.

The objects or people were disorientated which depicted a type of mood or feeling or emotion in the drawing. The drawing I choose to recreate is the Head of a Woman (Dora Maar) by Picasso. It was executed in Paris, around May or June of 1941. It is signed and inscribed in the bottom right: pour mon ami Desnos son ami, Picasso. Its profile has its origins of cubism that often occur in Picasso’s work. In this piece Picasso takes half of the face and interprets beauty with ugliness on the other side.

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This violently expressive head is an example of Picasso’s interpretations of the general public’s view of something different, which he saw as beautiful. Dora Maar’s features may possibly have suggested some type of strange distortions, but the author critiquing this piece suggests it have to do with Picasso’s interpretation. I can identify with Picasso’s work because I like how he looks at something and sees it and can depict it in an entirely different light then any other artist.

I feel that the public would not have accepted his type of work if he had lived in a different time period. Picasso helped broaden people’s interpretation of art and what art is. I tried to accomplish in this drawing a type of recreation of a piece of work that caught my emotions. I wanted to put the same feelings and emotions Picasso put into his drawing. The Cubism style I selected helped me accomplish this drawing because it is easier for me to draw straight sharp line father then smooth sketchy soft lines.


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